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  1. mateenshah

    W-east Varsity

    you should have a flow judge every round
  2. mateenshah

    W-east Varsity

    As of now there are 58 teams.
  3. Moving to Mars -Coldplay
  4. I'm pretty sure this is winners lose.
  5. Ok so for this example assume that the 1n reads a ptix scenario that is debt ceiling, with the link being that passing the plan costs a lot so republicans won't vote for the debt ceiling to pass, causing econ collapse. So now the aff can respond to the link debate by reading winners win, which would say something like democrats have a lot of political momentum beacuse they've been able to pass a lot of bills lately, so they'll be able to pass the debt ceiling. Winners win can also be a neg extension. I'm too lazy to come up with a scenario right now, but they exist. Also, I don't read politics every round, so my explanation might've been lacking/wrong in some ways, but I'm pretty confident that it's all about political momentum. But yeah, good luck.
  6. Man on the moon- kid cudi Embrace the martian- kid cudi Sky might fall- kid cudi (he says the word space a few times and the title could be a metaphor for get off the rock) We went to the moon in 1969- even stevens
  7. Probably. Counterplans draw their competitiveness from a net benefit. If the perm precludes solving for the net benefit (which it does in your example cuz the govt is still spending money) then the perm isn't competitive because only the counterplan accesses the net benefit.
  8. consult turkey won me every neg round against tnws
  9. mateenshah

    Time suck K

    http://www.planetdebate.com/files/view/3733 page 5 of the file is what you want
  10. mateenshah

    State Results?

    6a 2 speak 6a Semis WEast Orsi/Redler over WEast Husain/Faflick BVW Saedian/Birzer def WaRu Schiele/Kearney 6a Finals WEast Orsi/Redler def BVW Saedian/Birzer (2-1) 5a Finals STA Bernard/Gress def Newton Runge/Prochazka
  11. I was just wondering if anyone knows if gdi put out an AT file i don't know the specifics because im not running a japan aff another team from my school is running a japan aff and they havent had any cp debate up to this point, but more likely than not, they'll hear the cp at their next tournament
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