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  1. When I've smoked everyday for two months and then don't smoke for a couple of days i feel like shit, so idk
  2. Am I afraid? I don't know ... I'm afraid of dying a painful death , but I don't think I'm afraid of such an "event"... I mean it's comforting to think about how large the universe is, and to think that we are all infinite (since energy cannot be destroyed-- at least that's my understanding feel free to attack me) , because it means that: 1) if we fuck this "life" up ... the energy that created our biological existence may go on to do something "great," and it also means that the energy that is allowing me to type this may have been the energy that allowed Hitler to be such a prick.... It truly puts a smile to my face thinking that I have existed since the dawn of the universe and that I will exist until the universe ends-- so with that I guess I could understand why the OP thinks death doesn't exist or whatever he said (i'm too lazy to scroll up) , or maybe he is just trying to sound pretentious-- I don't know, because idk who the fuck he is and I know nothing about him... 2) and it also means that while we fucked some shit up on earth... the rest of the universe probably doesn't care, because the remaining energy is not aware of our energy, or is not in a state that can even perceive what energy or "existence" is..... I think if we view ourselves as conscious energy getting making verbal utterances to explain our existence and through this existence/ consciousness/ utterances/ we shape the way other conscious (consciousness as we experience it day to day-- so i guess you could say humanly consciousness) energy creates life on this earth... then we would all be more willing to be nicer people and maybe the world could change for the better..... but maybe we should just say fuck that and attack people for saying they are not afraid of death... I don't really know? I believe that we are all one ... rather that means that the universe is one, because it's the universe and everything in the universe makes up what the universe "is." or that there is some sort of over soul that connects us (God?) (The Universe?) (I"m leaning more towards this... not to say i'm religious) -- I know that I'm here right now, typing this, experiencing whatever this thing called "life" is and I'm fairly certain that we have all experienced death in one way or another, so maybe that means that no one is afraid of death, because we are all dead or have already died or are in the process of dying... in the end whatever we construct as "death" is probably, again, the result of humanly consciousness reacting to other humanly consciousness attempting to explain what the fuck is going on here ... So I guess the question is futile and we should simply focus on the now and smear shit on our faces and bathe in our feces! Run through the streets naked screaming "I'M ALIVE AND DEAD AT THE SAME TIME AND I'M OKAY WITH THAT!!!" or screaming "WE ARE ALL INFINITE!!" I don't know, because I think about death on a day to day basis so i'm a probably a hypocrite... But I do think we should be nicer to each other, which is not to say that i"m a nice guy, because i can be a huge dick... but you know we are all here... we didn't really have a choice in existing or not (at least as far as I know) , so while our "time" "here'' is "short" let's enjoy each other's company and make "kind" verbal utterances to one another. But maybe life is death and when we "die" we "live" lol i'm done.... you can all say whatever you want and think whatever you want... i don't mind-- in fact please respond to my post with total honesty! because my beliefs change practically day to day so you can call me stupid, ignorant, pretentious, intelligent, stupid, ignorant, pretentious, sexy, cool, rad .... because most likely tomorrow I'll be catholic Christian, or i'll just get hit my a fucking bus. I don't really care, but at the same time I care more than any of you could ever imagine.
  3. good job ... that dudes a punk ass
  4. letsocratesdance


    Alright so I'll make an attempt to explain the Nietzsche part of your question. First an important thing to note is that with all of these philosophers there is not necessarily one exclusive position that is argued in every single debate with these authors. They all write about a litany of different subjects and their works can be utilized in various fashions. I'm going to explain the securitization way of reading Nietzsche, because I feel as though this is probably the most common usage of his work. 1) Link: The aff attempts to control the inherent chaotic aspects of life ( i.e global warming, maintaining hegemony, etc.) This attempt to tame the world of the unknown and chaos is an attempt to create a metaphysical supplement in hopes that this meta physical supplement will eventually manifest itself into our physical existence. 2) Impact: This creates a managerial project where humans impose their will unto everything be that other cultures, animals, etc. In a world where humans believe their intellect is "truth" we no longer become satisfied with life and instead live for ordering the world as we see "fit," creating an existence where we are never content with simply being because humans believe that there is always something to be changed (hence everyone having different opinions.)3) Alternative: There are many different alternatives, but a common alternative is Deleuze's throw of the dice. I'm not going to attempt to explain this because Deleuze confuses me, and I'm not very smart so I'll let someone else tackle that one. But I feel like it's fair to say that many alternatives function as, obviously, an alternative framework for evaluating the resolution outside of the 1AC. This framework is typically to elect that which affirms life the most and abandons the desire to control the uncontrollable. You should read about Dionysus and Apollo , because Nietzsche says that we should lead a lifestyle like Dionysus ... EMBRACE AND LOVE FATE AND WHILE WE'RE AT IT DRINK LOTS OF WINE AND FUCK BITCHES Anyway... that's all I got i could add more, but i don't really feel like typing anymore, because it took me forever to type out this feeble explanation of Nietzsche and it's not even that great. I hope this helps though. Oh ya, again, Nietzsche writes about a ridiculous amount of things, so don't think that this is anywhere near an explanation of his philosophy
  5. @Corporate DB8er (my quote button is not working) I don't get why you think that the 10 to 20 minutes before the round can or will account for literally every single argument that is going to be said during the round. Also the 1NC is probably not going to be able to completely anticipate what 2AC responses will be and even if they can... that doesn't account for the strategic choices the 1AR will make. Even if you don't buy that it levels the playing ground it probably makes for more organized debate, because the dabaiters won't be forced to form a coherent strategy in 11 minutes plus however much prep time. AND I am super confused as to why the analytical skills that you isolate in your previous post cannot occur when you know what the 1AC is going to be... it seems to me that the things that you defend in support of non disclosure are things that occur in literally every single debate despite disclosure occurring or not... I mean the things you isolate are pretty critical to do evidence comparison, answer case arguments, etc etc etc So it seems that there is only a risk of good things happening from disclosure
  6. The concept of disclosure in policy debate has nothing to do with LDD or PFD. The idea behind disclosure is to level the playing ground for smaller schools, because schools that have more debaters and more assistant coaches have the ability to scout more rounds and therefore will be able to develop specific strategies against whomever. Therefore, disclosure prevents the schools with numerous resources from monopolizing the game. Your claim about improvisation does not go away just because whomever knows what the affirmative is going to say. There are still numerous arguments to be made about the quality of evidence and how this quality of evidence affects internal links, links, mpx, etc. It seems as though all of your claims as to why disclosure is bad don't actually apply. Also when disclosure exists this eliminates the amount of generic arguments because persons are able to research specific arguments and have specific links etc to whatever the aff or neg may be.
  7. Can i judge? i promise to actually evaluate the round and not quit half way through
  8. Best all around team: WaRu KS and SME CH Best Squad: SME and WaRu Coach of the year: Burgett (obviously this is bias considering the fact that she's my coach) Best speed-style team: WaRu KS and SME CH Best lay team: Buhler Best Affirmative Team: SME CH Best Negative Team: WaRU KS Prettiest Speaker: Kanan Fastest Debater: Hill Most likely to do well next year in high school: KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Person most likely to graduate and judge: Payton Cummings Best Judge: Coleman Most under-rated team: idk Best K debater: i didn't really dabait against many K's this year , so idk I guess me not because i think i'm better at the K than everyone in kansas, but because i didn't dabait against the top teams this year, that often, and when i did they didn't read the K Best Politics Debater: addison Most likely to be NDT champion: addison Best place to eat at the tournament: Dons Nicest debater to chat with outside of rounds: Kennedy Best evidence: Pan Best argument: Frontier Best K: Shapiro Best aff: idk Best excuse for losing a round: the judges sucked sorry that my list seems pretty bias and non - objective, but i think WaRu KS are an incredibly talented team and they were debating at national cirucit tournametns a lot , which was the reason they didn't recieve as much recognition as the other top teams in kansas, but in conclusion this year of graduating seniors is full of talent, so kudos to everyone.
  9. I don't see how elimination rounds are anti climiatic? that makes zero sense Also everyone has a pretty good idea of how they're doing at DCI according to who they're dabaiting ... not to mention the fact that most judges while not flat out saying who they voted for make very coherent hints as to who won the round, so the whole idea of closed tab isn't nearly as closed as everyone would like or think it to be.
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