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  1. I made a mistake, that was the original draft before I cut it down, I can't find the shortened version. I'll have to redo it, but it'll be a few days.
  2. Does conditionality mean that you can concede a flow that has nothing but offense run against it? How is my delay permutation functionally different from "perm do both", and how is it intrinsic? As a question of sequencing, does ontology come before utilitarian cost-benefit-analysis? Or is ontology an impact that is weighed alongside others?
  3. The link below is a really good example of dominating a critical affirmative without evidence, and generally everything the neg does should be emulated. http://puttingthekindebate.com/2011/03/01/pro-debate-iola-and-zehring-vs-hester-and-jsharp/
  4. The 2AC - The order is T, the RPS CP, The Spending NB, Burke, Advantage One (Warming), China Add-On, Advantage Two (Military Readiness). http://www.mediafire.com/?mfacgv7q8rkcs44 I hate cross-ex, and wasn't going to run condo bad, so I don't know why I asked that. Lol.
  5. 1. What kind of technology is EOS? Earth Observation Systems have constantly updating technology, that is part of the inherent barrier to solving my advantages. In fiscal times we tend to focus on only sending up patch-work satellites as the rest of them fail (I.E., JPSS). For the purpose of your case-arguments, the generic term for this architecture is 'remote' sensing'. 2. What evidence do you read that Obama will use satellite data to gather information? The last piece of Pathermore and Rogers evidence indicates the DOD would use the data, there are other agencies like the State Department's United States Aid for International Development, the Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agriculture Service, and both NASA and NOAA would be involved as well. 3. What's the timeframe for solvency on warming? There are two points on this, warming in the short term is inevitable, so the case is important to mitigate the impacts associated with it (like migration), and the time frame for that is immediate. In the long term your disadvantages probably outweigh on time frame, the argument is that warming is the most likely cause of extinction unless something is done. 4. Your Werz evidence says Bangladesh has already experienced several disastrous floods. Why haven't we seen the impact? It's a question of the scale of the link. It's linear, meaning that there are immediate harms of a smaller scale, our Werz and Conley evidence indicates that a larger migration pattern is becoming more likely which would trigger the full-scale of the impact. 5. What has India done to help us in Afghanistan, pressure Iran, or deter North Korea? Empirically? Nothing. The argument is that as India develops it will put itself in a better position to hold the levers of international power. This is a uniquely strong ability as approximately a week ago when India became one of the only nations with ICBM capability. 6. So is your water wars argument that Pakistan is going to run out of water and nuke India? What would that accomplish? Pakistan would use nuclear weapons against India if India posed a significant enough threat to destroy Pakistan's economy, this is because deep-seated tensions would not let the slight go unpunished, and there would be no deterrent effect unless the threat was real. 7. How does heg deescalate conflict? It acts as a counter-balance to the hegemony of other states who would start conflict, multi-polarity would mean wars escalated before they could be contained. 8. How are we going to continue to deter China if they're economies rapidly getting to the rate of overtaking ours? False premise. China is growing, but that trend isn't necessarily continuing, and they are not overtaking us. 9. How do you solve your Thompson evidence? Updating our satellites would give the military the necessary information to effectively execute operations. 10. Why is China attacking us? The scenario is specific to a Sino-Indian naval conflict. We would be able to contain it with hegemony. 11. Is heg the only way to deter those rising powers? It is a way, make the argument for an alternative and I'll argue against it. 12. How are you going to pay for the plan and how much will it cost? It's impossible to fully quantify it because it is a year to year plan, but I will defend a significant amount - the plan will be traded off with other space priorities.
  6. The 1AC - http://www.mediafire...1b87ayuc8345ndo The word count is 2600/1600 - we need judges.
  7. If anyone wants to debate I'll be affirmative - I have a qritiqal and policy on the space topic.
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