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  1. Dropbox requires wifi access at tournaments though wouldn't it?
  2. Could anyone provide me the average costs of starting up Paperless Debate? It seems as though in the long-term I'll buy saving quite a bit of money rather than consistently printing tubs and tubs of evidence... Does anyone have any suggestions where to start to get cheap pricing for such laptops and software?
  3. He's saying run the Inflation Disadvantage and Case. Or be very case oriented, my kids tend to deal with the same judges in our area. 1. Make fun of the improbable impacts (lay judges are always laughing at how unrealistic regular teams impacts are) 2. Case specific argumentation, even if there is a lot of analytics. 3. Focus on a slower style of debate, spreading is usually frowned upon. 4. Try to steer away from Counterplans and other options. Be very old school. Disad + Case STOCK ISSUES.
  4. Thanks, I definitely use the National Debate Coaches website for a lot of resources, I wasn't sure if anyone also had Public Relations information or anything...
  5. My Name is Ricky Santiago, I've debated for 7 years (High school and college) and recently my local area's policy debate programs have crumbled to essentially non-existant. I'm trying to have a workshop for both how to judge the event, coach the event, and teach kids about the topic. Most important areas to focus on that I'm looking help with is... 1. How to Coach the Event- I.E. the Basics, etc. 2. How to judge the event. 3. Some good tips on coaching Novice Debaters or Debaters interested in the event. Any and all help would be appreciated. If you're willing to provide me resources, documents, power points, etc it'd be greatly appreciated. My email: Santiago.RichardJ@Gmail.com
  6. Open Division. Through 3 Rounds thus far. 2 Rounds to go then Outrounds.
  7. Could someone forward me the Topic Paper? Thank you! Richard.JJ.Santiago@Gmail.com
  8. FYI The Files I will be Posting will be UPDATE Files. Clearly you have access to the big global warming files that are cut at Camps etc. The Cards I will provide are Post-Camp and majority is Within the past two weeks. They'll Include everything I can possibly find and you will have access to a TOC. I'm not going to sell stuff you can get for free in Camp Files.
  9. I'm on it. You have a particular timeframe you need it?
  10. I will work on the following Capitalism/Globalization Global Warming File I'm going to try and have each file done within the week.
  11. I'm cutting Updates for Democracy and Democracy Promotion as we Speak-Look for them to be posted on Evazon
  12. I have a file email if interested. Richard.JJ.Santiago@gmail.com
  13. Please List Arguments that you want/need. If it's case negs please write the specific advantages you're looking for.
  14. I will be posting evidence updates and specific case negs/disads/counterplans soon as well. Look for some soon!
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