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  1. Kind of late but looking for a job for Greenhill: Sarah Evans, freshman debater at Baylor. No transportation necessary. Will judge, cut cards, and coach. sarah.j.evans81@gmail.com
  2. College: Baylor Major: Econ & International Business Debating: yes
  3. BVW def Barstow 3-0, will debate the winner of Pembroke v. CE Byrd in the semifinals (bid at finals).
  4. Yes but we have a first alternate team that will go if anyone drops, that is Phillips/Moncure.
  5. Best all around team (speed and open styles): BVW Birzer/Yeamans Best Squad: WaRu and SME Coach of the year: Steve "@swood40" Wood Best speed-style team: BVW Birzer/Yeamans Best lay team: BVSW Locke/Super or BVSW Davis/Novicoff Best Affirmative Team: BVW Birzer/Yeamans - to be fair their aff is non inherent Best Negative Team: SMS Monaghan/Owen Prettiest Speaker: Chris Birzer Fastest Debater: Spencer Yeamans Best 1A: Chris Birzer Best 2A: Jared Nelson Best 1N: Spencer Yeamans Best 2N: Hunter Jones Most likely to do well next year in high school: Sahil Rattan, Ada and Utsa, BVN juniors, BVSW Juniors Person most likely to graduate and judge: Zach "Shane" Hills Best Judge: Mark Wilkins Most underrated team: BVW Bajwa/Hills, WaRu Ogungbamigbe/Pearson, BVW MacDonald/Nelson got shafted at DCI and State Best K debater: Hunter Bradley Jones Best Politics Debater: Spencer Yeamans Best T Debater: Owen MacDonald (when the aff is not HSR) Most likely to be NDT champion: Christopher Best place to eat at the tournament: DCI Nicest debater to chat with outside of rounds: Ami Purohit, Amit & Mac, Keith & Mason, Owen & Zach Best evidence: Kamrany '12 (resolving unemployment k2 solve debt) Best argument: The "Investment" PIC Best K: Heidegger Best aff: Dredging Best excuse for losing a round: Multiple conditional advocacies are illegitimate Best pen: 0.5 G2 Best medium for flowing: Paper Best tournament for between-rounds hanging out: DCI Best human being: Cody Christensen
  6. Just out of curiosity: I know reforms have been proposed in the past to make the pool smaller at DCI. With the largest number of competitors ever this year, are any of them being reconsidered?
  7. Homewood Flossmoor is in the radius.
  8. I know exactly what prelim rounds at NFL look like, since I was in round 10 of the NFL tournament last year. However, I didn't qualify this year, and there's nothing that I can do about that now except hope to create a good judging experience for future years. Although there were definitely things said during times of anger that should not have been said, this is a discussion between debaters and coaches about rules and regulations of the national forensic league qualifying tournament. There is nothing out of bounds or inappropriate about that, the only thing inappropriate here is ad hominem attacks to individual schools or debaters. We honestly hope that you succeed at NFL because that reflects well on all of us. Additionally, I will not apologize for entering a discussion about how to better Kansas debate.
  9. There's certainly something to be said about being a graceful loser, but we should hold winners to the same standard of respect. This forum was begun and conducted in an extremely respectful manner with actual ideas about the nature of how to best improve the experience of the qualifiers for everyone in Kansas debate. I also don't think it's fair to refer to the judging pools as "the same" since many talented judges were dispersed throughout different districts. We are very proud of our qualifiers, and we want to be able to take even more pride in the way that the system of qualification happens. If you can't respectfully contribute to the conversation, don't.
  10. It's recently come to light that a BVN team "intercepted" a laptop stand at the Blue Valley West tournament. If you lost a stand at BVW, let me know and I will make sure it gets back to you.
  11. BVN 15th seed is Molly Lindsey/Sophie Jerwick.
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