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  1. it would be ideal, if those who qualified to State would be so kind as to disclose previous affs here. I know this wont happen, but it was worth a shot.
  2. In the words of Rasheed Wallace. THE BALL DONT LIE
  3. you've got me hanging on the edge of my seat here... "Also"..........................
  4. Nick Ishmael Perkins 12 October 2012 Director, SciDev.Net, s&t policy news, http://www.scidev.net/en/science-and-innovation-policy/science-diplomacy/editorials/is-the-world-ready-for-scientific-diplomacy--1.html) Jayan Nayar, Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems, Fall, 1999, FRAMING INTERNATIONAL LAW FOR THE 21ST CENTURY: Orders of Inhumanity, Lexis) Start with those two. The first article is fuego though, its real good.
  5. State is not over... so I guess I may have posted mine a little premature.
  6. Best 1A- Joe Hamaker Best 2A- David Rabbit Best 1N- Henry Sivils Best 2N- Riley Cole Best Team- If youre counting championships is would be Log Rog, but I think Greenwood HR deserves to be called the best team in Missouri Best LDer- I wish I had a clue Best Negative Position- T-Investment, T-Infrastructure, Heg DA Worst Negative Postion- Zombies DA Case of the Year- Dam Security/ Port Dredging Worst Case of the Year- NIB's Ultimate Kritik- Risk K/ Probability Magnifier Counterplan of the Year-NIB's Best Card- Royal '10/ any written by Mearshimer Worst Card- those gawd awful Fisher articles on navy supremacy. Jesus from '04 and the dude clearly doesnt know how awesome we actually are. Fastest Debater- Anne Russell Best Word Economy- Joe Hamaker Best Spreaders- Alex Holden and Hussein Rao Best Speakers- Cam Smith and Destiny Crockett Most improved team- Cam Smith and Destiny Crockett Team that will likely become great- Springfield Central- Henry Sivils and Ian Russo/ Marshfield Aaron Briggs and partner Best adapters- Josh Nixon and Chris Dade Most likely to run Irony- Henry Sivils Most likely to amaze you with a cool position- Riley Cole Most likely to take off shirt- David Rabbit Judge of the Year - Rob Burns Most qualified Judging pool Tourney- Marquette/ Gloria Deo/ MSU Most interesting tourny moment - When David Rabbit cross applied an RVI to condo. (Mind Blown) Most Admired coach (NOT your own)- Allison Levin/ Rob Burns (yes I know Rob doesn't coach at the HS level, but he does help more than anyone could ever know) Squad of the Year (NOT your own)- The Marshfield squad had to deal with a lot of obstacles this year when their friend, mentor, and coach Chris Roberds stepped down to move to Arizona. Albiet they didnt have the most successful year, I got to watch them grow as individuals and as debaters, as they dealt with their life struggles. Think or say what you want about this squad, but they definitely deserve to have their name mentioned as the squad who overcame the most adversity. Thats why I think there should be a new category. Squad/debater that overcame the most adversity- Person who has contributed the most to the program- Tuckness duh.
  7. Ozark district Quarters Greenwood HR v. Nixa HW Parkview HR v. Log Rog CD Marshfield JL v. Springfield Central CS Kickapoo SW v. Kickapoo B Semi-Finals Springfield central CS v. Kickapoo B Logan Rogersville CD v. Nixa HW
  8. Woah, yes I have incentive to get people to go to MSDI. However I named two other camps that are very competitive. Im not at all trying to "plug" Missouri State or sway their opinions to not go to another camp inorder to come to MSDI I simply said that it was fairly priced for what you are getting. Which I think is accurate given the names that have been there in the past.
  9. yeah, K bad f/w is called your aff. Come on man answers to perms? and multiple cp bad theory? Good debaters think about debate all the time, they never stop. These are all things you should be thinking about. Im not sure giving you a file will make you any better off than where you are right now, because you clearly have not thought about all of these things.
  10. MSDI is very fairly priced and you get a very good deal for the education youre learning. Along with a real good staff.
  11. you should look at their websites. However there are some camps that you have left off of your list. Gonzaga and Dartmouth have some amazing camps that I would highly recommend. Missouri State also has a very fairly priced camp for what youre getting.
  12. http://www.cross-x.com/topic/54266-debate-for-washington-university-in-saint-louis/
  13. what about some of those new UDL teams? will they show up to districts and shake some things up? SWMO Greenwood HR Parkview HR S'FLD Central CR Nixa HW ________________ Marshfield JL Carthage??? mini jumbles.
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