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  1. did you get the pm i sent?

  2. Ivan garcia from the Law Magnet. 7 week juniors. i wonder how the hell i'll be able to pay.
  3. Ivann

    Inception K

    Go to the wiki and look up "kappeler 95" Thats fiat is illusionary. Your impx dont happen outside this round. Now its time to debate who's ideology is better.
  4. Ivann

    Aff Ideas

    Any Ideas for one? Something legit?
  5. What are some good ideas for a new aff? Any ideas anyone?
  6. What advantages do you run? Why do you think that of Japan BMD?
  7. What would be some good cap turns case arguments? Please put examples like terrorism, heg, ect. Ex. Cap turns environment advantage because Cap destroys environment because cap is the system that drives resource competition and see's everything as a mode for profit.
  8. I was wondering what aff is better. And with what advantages. Japan BMD? SM-3 Japan? South Korea? Or personally whta aff do you think is best?
  9. Ivann

    T K

    oh and my email is Ivan.gar15@gmail.com send me the kritik of topicality please.
  10. please send me the kritik of topicality

  11. Ivann

    T K

    can you send me a kritik of topicality as well? i reall need one
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