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  1. watch bowling for columbine (rlly doe, might be played out but its a powerful doc.) than read the text of the 2nd ammendment: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." the homies wanted ppl 2 have guns 2 fight the brits. Republicans misinterpret this ammendment as intended to check against government tyranny. they are wrong. read up on the history behind it, especially how guns were regulated in the 19th century, and how, ironically enough, the Black Panthers were the ones who began arguing that the 2nd ammendment was a check against gov. tyranny in the early 70's. They sstormmed the Cali Capitol building with gats, pretty bouss if ya ask me. oh yeah and remember, this isn't policy, you actually need like, WARRANTS.
  2. i feel as though this arg would be prty easy to make on your own. if their running syria, find a card from when Obama intervened in Libya, and Republicans were all pissed off, thus decreasing barry's poly cap. and then you know, steal some cards from current policy teams tix d/a's. hell, if your at NFL districts you probz won't even need a card.
  3. First, I apologize for calling you a dumb fuck, I was directing my anger at the wrong place. ( I do have magnificent control over the english language, i just don't rly care about my grammar on online forums)) Secondly, this animosity is coming from watching 2 of my close friends work their asses off for 4 years, qual twice, and now go into this years TOC convinced they may break, but are not able to win simply because of resource disparity. thirdly, you can have a leftist ideology, but i don't think ppl have any right to run discursive k's if they were written by private coaches or if their doing nothing about their impacts other than sitting behind computers with their hands on their dicks. finally, i'm not saying that big programs are actively working to squash out little one's, i'm just saying that resource disparity is becoming a bigger issue, and that's the reason teams like mine are leaving policy for po-fo or ld, not because their more educational, but because anyone with a brain and some free time can have moderate success on those types of circuits, while policy requires a lot moar money. this is not a conspiracy theory, this is what i see as the reality of the situation. policy will always stick around, but i don't think there will be many teams left by the end of this decade, at least significantly less teams than in the 90's. i said policy trends more classist and elitist than basketball because it requires it's players to be in positions of privelege (at the right school with the right resources and right coaches), while basketball can be practiced anywhere, and talent is noticed early and talent can flourish under the right direction. I just wish there was something the community could do to even out the playing field a bit, so more people could participate in the activity as it's very fun and educational. but fuck it, sorry if i offended ne1.
  4. I'm saying the generic biopower k is not relevant. I'm not saying the generic answer isn't relevant, it's as relevant as kim kardashians ass. the argument i'm making is that I don't believe any critique alternative can solve for biopower. It's hard to say some words in front of five other people and say 'hey bro biopowers over now' and it's even harder to have solvency with an alternative that advocates 'revolution' or 'anarchy' as these systems inevitably end in some fucked up biopolitical genocide ala stalin. I think biopower is inevitable. that's my arg. it might be stupid but that's what i believe.
  5. your a dumb fuck if u think i'm linking the leftist circle jerk to classism in debate. and even dumber comparing me to paul ryan. i'm calling out the fucks who appeal to leftist social policy from positions of privelege.
  6. guess i'm ignant too the circuit. still anyone wanna talk about dis: you ever thought about why policy debate is shrinking as a community? It seems like the schools with resources disparity are waking up to realize that can't compete against the old boys club. I know this is happening at several public schools in Southern California...
  7. SO MUCH IRONY I'M MINDFUCKED!!! dude would they have 6 toc bids without you? nope.
  8. well specific biopower k's are great on the infrastructure topic like ableism or blah blah blah whatever. but the three foucault cards and vote neg alt is terrible, i've seen it in round and it's fucking terrible. it seems like the op was asking about a generic answer to a generic biopower k and i responded as such. 'racial impacts' were the tip off to me. i don't think i misunderstand the argument, i just fucking hate it cause it's non applicable to debate as theres no real alt solvency especially with alts with discursive implications. but i'd love to be proved wrong. i like foucault, but not when it encourages en masse intellectual masturbation about 'good epistemological practice and in turn a productive pedagogical activity' without clear-cut implications for debate rounds.
  9. how? enlighten me. i didn't know i was so ignorant. please, i need to know how stupid i am.
  10. Resolved: The United States is justified in intervening in the internal political processes of other countries to attempt to stop human rights abuses I think it's important to differentiate between strategic intervention and humanitarian intervention. EX Strategic military interventions by US: -Iraq 03-12 -Afghanistan 01-? -Nam -Korea Strategic shady biz (not 'boots on ground') -All the coups staged by CIA/ US Military in Latin America since beginning of 20th century These are marked by the fact that the US intervened in a country because it was trying to protect it's economic interests (like staging coups in Latin America so they would let US companies exploit their resources, most recently in '02 a failed attempt at overthrowing Chavez) or it's strategic interests (stop spread of Soviet style communism into Vietnam and Korea or stop 'spread of global terror') But not all our interventions are waged with eeevill intentions, Humanitarian US Interventions -Somalia (ever seen Black Hawk Down bro?) -Operation Provide Comfort (like right after Desert Storm) -Current insertion of 100 Special Ops into Dem PPl's Rep. of Congo to stabilize a confusing 5 sided battle -Former Yugoslavia in 90's to stop ethnic cleansing -LIBYA now, the distinction is blurry as mericans are always flooded with high minded rhetoric whenever we bomb some far-flung country, and fuck, I might be wrong and ALL of our interventions have some secret corporatist agenda BUT I think kids should attempt to make this distinction on AFF so they don't end up defending wars and interventions that aren't topical. EEESH?
  11. that's all i'm asking, sorry for creating a binary bro. Is anyone gonna agree that these kids need more recognition? or just continue to cite examples of public schools who did good? Cause i don't think i'm unecessarily mad, i'm just trying to make people think about shit like this. you ever thought about why policy debate is shrinking as a community? It seems like the schools with resources disparity are waking up to realize that can't compete against the old boys club. I know this is happening at several public schools in Southern California...
  12. yeah i just said 'biopower inevitable solvency take-out' i didn't say it was a turn, but defense that takes out their solvency. anyway, i really didn't mean to say that everyone who runs biopower is bad @ k's, but its so played out at this point i rarely see ne1 run it on the West Coast K hack circuit. Kids go one off with more specific, strange critical theories. do good k teams run it in your circuit?
  13. True, there are public school teams that have a lot of coaches cutting cards for them, but i feel like they fall under the umbrella of a. some sort of gifted hive mind charter school like Bronx Science or b. the pet project of a buncha bros who've known eachother since 'back at the 98 NDT' or what have you. you can say that the private public school binary is 'not the way to go here', but then how can the national circuit community better recognize the kids who cut 200 impact defense cards, or wrote their 8 page 2NC Link extension on their own. Or better recognize the kids that actually had to like, brainstorm their own cases. Should we keep on pretending that everyones on an even playing field, or succumb to a sort of laissez-faire apathy that 'the best debaters will do good anyway, not my fault my private school had peacocks!!'. Personally, i think it's fucked up cause resource disparity in debate trends more classist and elitist than an athletic endeavor like say basketball, but debaters constantly engage in this leftist circle jerk. I'm not slighting successful debaters, I'm just asking, should we recognize the kids who didn't have a bunch of bearded grad students holding their hands through bid rounds, and if we should recognize the teams on the fucked side of resources, how could we without offending TheHutt and his illk????
  14. wait, good kritik teams read generic biopower?
  15. The DSM is one of the sketchiest groups of human beings in America right now. The DSM-IV diagnostical suggestion workbook has something like 300 different types of mental diseases and anyone who has emotions or isn't a lightning fast learner can qualify as having a mental illness or being developmentally challenged by their saying. It's just a massive scam for the pharmaceutical industry to get as many people as possible on serotonin inhibitors like Seroquel, or legal meth like addy/ ritalin/ or straight benzo sedatives like xanax and kpins which are all exponentionally more expensive and empirically more harmful than any amount of THC or CBD. Obviously smoking weed everyday is not gonna improve your attention span or intellectual abilities, but i'd way rather eat a brownie that I helped make with my friends than take a toxic pill like the assholes the OP is citing say to do.
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