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  1. Hey man, I'm actually on the high school topic, so this college stuff I have no background on. But I would use even more generic terms. I might found out how the US assists with democracy in the status quo and expand on that literature. LexusNexus really works, and could probably produce good results. Also, use google scholar. Those PDFs are the best. Good Luck! The best way to get good at research is just to practice it a lot!
  2. I'd like to judge also, if that is alright with you guys. My paradigm is also tab, and I obviously want to see clash. Theory - Oh theory. Unless there is utter, blatant, patriarchical abuse in the round, please don't pressure me with this boring subject. But I'll vote on it. Topicality - As boring as this may be to some, I'd personally like to see a good T debate on this year's topic. DAs - Sweet. K - Obviously I would like an OV, but as I personally am a liberal debater I understand common K neologisms, vocabulary, ideas, etc. I'll vote here Case - Also sweet. CP - Prove why it solves case, and a NB, and that'll make it easier for me to vote. Impact Calc. - Please do the work for me. If you are the unfortunate one who forgot to gimme impact calc. then you'll have a difficult time winning the round. Period. Just ask me any more questions if needed as I understand this isn't the most comprehensive paradigm explanation. Thanks!
  3. Hahah, that's classic. I love the pro pic.
  4. Very much so. Thank you!
  5. That is a very interesting point you bring up with the last sentence. What exactly do we solve for though? Discourse and knowledge on the topic is more important?
  6. Fair enough, but my question is how does the aff persuade the judge to vote for them in a debate where the neg claims anarchy and the aff food stamps? Just say "give the neg a higher burden of proof on solvency" or "default Aff if line-by-line is tied" ?
  7. So I understand the "fiat is illusory" arg., but I'd like to know a couple practical answers to throw when I'm Aff.
  8. I am currently wondering how long per speech I should dedicate to theory... So I'll break it up into three different time-straint conditions - A.) How long in the 2NC? B.) How long in the 1AR? (Optional) C.) In the 2AC? Obviously there are other factors that contribute to how much time one may spend on theory in any of the given speeches, but I would like to gain the opinion of the people for a rough estimate.
  9. I don't even know how long I have been trying to obtain this. Thanks man
  10. This brings up an interesting point. However, at least with my understanding of the subject, this in fact would be FX-T. Promoting innovations does not necessarily mean you are exploring or developing space. The eventual result of the plan would be you explored it. Again, this may make for a great CP...If you find a source for competition. Also, there may be a problem with actual solvency, for example - Last years military topic. Text: Create economic incentives for Congressmen to reduce troops in Afghanistan. Perhaps not the greatest example, but two problems with this. 1. This is quite obviously effects topical (somewhat models your idea of a competition for space) 2. No GUARANTEED solvency. So even if you throw in economic incentive, the Congressmen may still reject the idea on the basis of, lets say, fear of terrorism. Similarly, there may be no guaranteed solvency that private contractors would do the plan, for whatever reason.
  11. Dang, now I wish i went there as a sophmore...hopefully the Senior Lab will yield the same results!
  12. Hey! Im assuming when you mean new topic you mean Space. I'm a student, but I can definitely see if Groves could go. When is it?
  13. I was wondering who attended SDI 4 Week last year and did well nationally, or maybe went to the TOC.
  14. I would really like to go, my only problem is that the week of June 4th to 12th involves not taking the final for any of my classes
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