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  1. So I really need help. March 10 is the Georgia State Varsity tournament. I'm a junior so I still have another year, but I really don't want to miss out. I'm already signed up for the SAT, but what I wanted to do is go to the tournament friday night, skip two rounds in the morning to take the SAT, then go back to the tournament. But now my SAT tutor and my parents are telling me not to because I won't get rest etc. etc. What would you guys do? I mean i love debate and its important to me but at the same time the SAT is obviously really important. Also some extra information is that I'm probably going to take the SAT again on May anyways Respond with a comment and/or vote in the poll please.
  2. 1. What does it mean to be reasonable, I largely hear people say if we're close thats good enough, but what does it mean to be close enough for the resolution/how does the judge evaluate that 2. People often say competing interpretations is bad for substance tradeoff and race to the bottom. What do those two things mean 3. Are there any other reasons why competing interpretations are bad/reasonability is good?
  3. Does any one have a oil spill impact card?
  4. Specifically if I defend deterrence I'll still get heg bad ran against me right?
  5. Alright so in 1nc's against heg advantages, typically put some defense like heg doesnt solve war, no transition wars, heg unsustainable, and then some heg bad args. My question is, i understand how heg being unsustainable takes out their impacts, becaused they're presupposed off a world in which america maintains dominance and if it inevitably collpases that means they can't solve future wars. my question is why doesnt heg unsustainable take out your heg bad arguments as well? because they are presupposed off when people see us with agressive foreign policy and unipolarity countries will do things like proliferate, etc. But if heg is unsustainable doesn't that means when it collapses that countries will stop being proliferating etc? I mean, are the turns based off sustaining heg bad or are you winning the reasons heg are bad happen before it collapses? Thanks
  6. Is DISCOVR like a specific kind, or what? I hit this aff at my last tournament and I kinda want to get to know it better
  7. so someone reads a counterplan with a spending da net benefit. would it be more strategic to impact turn it with dedev and use it as a solvency deficit or link turn it and be like the the plan accesses the net benefit
  8. thanks, im aware, it was just an example though
  9. You want the whole file or just the disasters advantage?

  10. I understand the fundamental point of one, to provide uniqueness for a DA, but I don't get how it functionally works. Say you run SKFTA and they say SKFTA won't pass but you have a uniqueness cp saying "CP - Freeze legislative action until KORUS is passed" or whatever. In a world where the judge votes aff, it is still true that SKFTA won't pass, so even if the bill is unique in the world of the counterplan, its still n/u in the world of the plan? Do you get what I'm saying? just like general explanation/examples would be helpful. thanks
  11. As you know SKFTA has passed or will for the most part. I'm looking for a politics scenario that is not lost or skfta. anyone know where I can find a decent one? Which others ones are good?
  12. Jobs bill, China currency, anything, but i'd like to see a TOC first. comment if you have one and then we can decide what you want on my end
  13. hey you commented on my post about natural disasters impact, and said UTNIF released a GEOSS file that I should look at but I can't find it on open evidence. Do you mind emailing me that file?


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