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  1. yes, i think they are. i used maps this year against the khorasan pic as a solvency takeout
  2. vdog


    Obviously you ask how the perm functions in cross-x. They're going to say idk or some stupid shit, because it is impossible to withdraw troops/go to war with them at the same time. I have an independent disad to the perm which states that the perm still advocates peace in the context of the 1AC [as per cross-x], which is bad because all the power is given to the state to maintain this peace and you lose vtl. On a sidenote, don't run this against critical affs or affs that withdraw non-troops, because the perm solves pretty well. Go to planetdebate and download the Capitol Hill file, its pretty good for a camp file. It has more answers to the perm + other stuff.
  3. vdog


    ^ this. Yes you have to defend war good, but Ares war, not Apollo And yes you do. Youre solving for future wars inevitable by preventing recur because you'll understand teh "madness of its love".
  4. tolllololololololol

  5. can i have the ptx K you were talking about?


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    Hillman K

    ^^ anyone plz?
  7. vdog

    Hillman K

    1) How can "embracing" war prevent threats to humanity? Wouldn't it further perpetuate it even though the argument is not to go to war for political means? 2) Also, what is psyche? I see it referenced throughout his literature.. 3) What is the metaphor in the numerous references to ares and apollo? 4) I dont quite understand the alt... Thanks for the help
  8. can someone explain hillman?
  9. Do you know if it's any good?
  10. Does anyone know of 2 week camps scheduled at the very beginning of summer (june 2nd) or near the end (august 22nd)? Im going to be busy this summer so I wont be able to commit a lot of time. Also, how is georgia debate institute? (http://www.georgiadebateinstitutes.org/)
  11. vdog

    Hillman K

    I dont see how that answers war == extinction?
  12. lol i debated st. george LN at memorial they raped the shit out of me. ST. MARKS BM
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    Hillman K

    2. Nuclear warfare is impossible with a negative ballot – We affirm the wars of the god Ares – This means we only fight warriors outside the cities, the enemies that we know and that we love to fight because we are only fighting war for wars sake instead of for peace. The world of the affirmative makes nuclear warfare inevitable because they repress violence to achieve peace. This is the root cause of the horrors of modern and nuclear warfare. I found this in a block to war ==> extinction. What does it mean?
  14. vdog

    Hillman K

    but how would you answer war = extinction, since the kritik calls for war?
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