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  1. I can trade you my framework answers for the thirdspace aff that I read this year - here's the link to the wiki the 1AC is on: http://wiki.debatecoaches.org/2012-2013+-+Shawnee+Mission+South+%28KS%29+-+Keith+Monaghan+%26+Mason+Owen#AFF-Thirdspace (Shawnee Mission East)
  2. http://www.usfacetersguild.org/
  3. Best all around team (speed and open styles): BVW Birzer/Yeamans Best Squad: BVW Coach of the year: Wood Best speed-style team: BVW Birzer/Yeamans Best lay team: BVSW Locke/Super Best Affirmative Team: Birzer/Yeamans Best Negative Team: Jones/Evans Prettiest Speaker: Jared Nelson Fastest Debater: Spencer Yeamans Best 1A: Birzer Best 2A: Spencer Best 1N: Sarah Best 2N: OMac Most likely to do well next year in high school: Sahil Person most likely to graduate and judge: Birzer Best Judge: Casas/Krueger Most underrated team: SMNW Bhatla/Cook Best K debater: Hunter Best Politics Debater: People don't read politics against us Best T Debater: OMac Most likely to be NDT champion: Birzer Best place to eat at the tournament: Chipoltle Nicest debater to chat with outside of rounds: The jags Best evidence: Anything written by Andrew Bacevich Best argument: USFG Plan flaw Best K: Fuck Best aff: Thirdspace Best excuse for losing a round: it was at NFL Best pen: The ones that i take from mason and don't give back Best medium for flowing: Whatever Amit brings to the tournament Best tournament for between-rounds hanging out: KCKCCKCKCKCC Best human being: Wes Miller
  4. You should change USFG to United States federal government.
  5. I have an aircraft carriers aff
  6. Thirdspace http://wiki.debatecoaches.org/2012-2013+-+Shawnee+Mission+South+%28KS%29+-+Keith+Monaghan+%26+Mason+Owen#AFF-Thirdspace
  7. Does anybody have a team list?
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