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  1. Neato Nick

    Pump up songs

    This is pretty sick:
  2. Neato Nick

    Pump up songs

    I've always liked this:
  3. You'd have to say that their sexist language outweighs the fact you should lose because you aren't topical, so the judge should make them lose... That sounds like kind of an awkward way to get offense as the aff to a T argument.
  4. Does anyone have UTNIF files so far for this year? Or do they usually not post anything until later
  5. Thanks. Do you know where I could get an online copy of A Thousand Plateaus? It would be much easier to cut the cards.
  6. Ah yes, but how likely is this to happen? And isn't it much more likely that small pieces of it were to slide in at time versus all at once? Because it seems to me that slowly sliding in over time is more likely, kinda like how a huge earthquake is possible and could literally rip a content in half, but it's more likely that the energy created by sliding tectonic plates is released over time as opposed to all at once.
  7. Good advice. Do you have any ideas of where I should start for lit? Besides just "google"?
  8. Has anyone thought of any decent kritikal affs for this year? I feel like almost all affs are really policy.
  9. Neato Nick


    It's true... people just assume policy is crazy. But maybe ODI will bring some popularity to policy in Oregon. However not many people are signed up...they just chopped 100 bucks off the price of going. It's like $895 bucks to go there now, plus you can apply for scholarships. It's September 29- August 14 I think.
  10. and here is the link from the 3nr: http://www.the3nr.com/2011/05/23/toc-releases-list-of-2011-2012-qualifying-tournaments/
  11. Yo, you can also e mail me at nick_carl94@hotmail.com or pm me. Anyway, I think affirming ontology would work...onto will be pretty popular this year I'm guessing and this would be a good way of accessing it.
  12. So I know about the protest aff last year that was DnG, can you think of any DnG aff that would work this year? I'm trying to think of a good K aff to write for this year.
  13. There is an aff on the open evidence project not about this, but about conducting a female geriatric study in space. However, I think underrepresentation of women sounds simple enough to write
  14. If you could post that, it would be great
  15. Can someone please explain to me his Utopian theory?
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