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  1. Northwestern, looks like I won't debate
  2. Theory and critical affs you say... So like, the k aff is read and then the order is policy framework?
  3. 1) SME hasn't attended the Jenks tournament (we did debate them in a bid round at Heritage) 2) Mason doesn't go to SME 3) The Shawnee Mission South team is very respectable and can read a dedev aff if they want This probably came off much more abrasive than I intended so sorry about that
  4. The JDI debate camp was great! The staff was excellent and really committed to helping us improve, even if it meant working after lab. I would recommend the four week camp because the extra week offers a lot more flexibility as far as which debate skills are worked on. The Sunday before the final week everyone was asked to write down a few things they wanted to work on or learn more about (for example, answering performance affs, counter plan theory, speech efficiency) and then the next seven days were spent going over the things people were wanting to improve on. This specialization really helped everyone in the lab improve in the areas they were struggling in
  5. Hold on there kiddo! That's why I said it was impractical
  6. I've always thought the concept of 4 speaker was really cool because of how it emphasized teamwork on a squad. It really makes you feel like part of a team when you aren't just winning rounds as a partnership. Still, I think that only going aff/neg the entire tournament, while specialized, is a bit dull. The only thing cooler thank 4 speaker in my opinion would be a team of four people who competed in one debate round each taking a speech. Obviously this would be impractical and lead to less overall speech time for individuals but it wold at least be very fun.
  7. I promise they were meant as a compliment
  8. Jared Nelson gets my vote for beset debater of all time
  9. Haha my bad. btw, will is it true that you read security towards the end of the year?
  10. Best all around team (speed and open styles): BVW, WARU, Buhler, Manhattan. We had a total of 15 rounds against these teams and every one of them was great! Best Squad: BVW with WARU in a close second Coach of the year: Dr. Trey Best speed-style team: BVW, WARU, Buhler, Manhattan Best lay team: SMW and BVN Best Affirmative Team: BVW Best Negative Team: Buhler and WARU Prettiest Speaker: Linda Fastest Debater: Linda Best 1A: The Professor (Will Ash) and Collen Best 2A: Addison Best 1N: Ideen Best 2N: Kanan and Chris Birzer Most likely to do well next year in high school: BVW, BVN, SME, Hutch, SMS Person most likely to graduate and judge: Chris Carey, I know he's on my team and I probably shouldn't be putting him down but I have to Best Judge: I always forget his name, its a WARU judge that has judged us at almost every tournament for two years and its not Coleman Most under-rated team: Topeka and SMS. Seriously, these teams were really good Best K debater: Payton, Kannan, The Lone Bandito Best Politics Debater: Ideen Best T Debater: anyone reading T bases on any topic Most likely to be NDT champion: Mark Schmitz Best place to eat at the tournament: The Coral Nicest debater to chat with outside of rounds: Buhler, WARU, BVW Best evidence: Wendt 92. I swear this won me at least 6 debates Best argument: Weapons DA, T human (lol) Best K: Security Best aff: BMD Best excuse for losing a round: didn't get enough tally marks Best pen: G2 Best medium for flowing: paper Best tournament for between-rounds hanging out: DCI
  11. I do not recommend this. The advantage of the cap K is it gets around a lot of the technicalities of the growth good/bad debate. Running both in the same round means you have to go for both because if you kick one of them all their evidence can be cross-applied to the other argument. As for the utility of Dedev, it is very situation. It should not be read for more than a minute or so in the 1nc, its really something to be exploded in the block. Dedev becomes truly lethal if the 2ac reads a new econ impact.
  12. Inherencyftw

    DCI week

    who trades evidence?
  13. Have you contacted Wichita State, Emporia, UMKC, KU, etc? I don't really know how the recruiting process works but if this hasn't already been done it may be a good way to find some extra quality judges. Also, if you want to pm me I'm sure I could find a list of quality judges we usually try to recruit for the SME tournament. Thanks for taking the time to recruit experienced judges!
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