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  1. I do not want to get too bogged down in this discussion. I do, however, think that I can provide some insight into the answer to the question of why teams go to the qualifier even if they do not hold the national tournament in high esteem. For Spencer and me, we did want to go to the NCFL tournament, but we would have much rather attended any number of the out of state tournaments that took place on the weekend of the CFL qualifier. However, Kansas has created a system where competitive teams are forced to go to the CFL/NFL qualifiers in order to be eligible for second semester tournaments. I think that this is a structural issue with the way KSHSAA is set up that I have been vocal against for a long time. Not entirely sure what the warrants are for why NCFL is a bad tournament; it certainly is no where near as good of a tournament as a lot of Kansas tournaments and out of state tournaments, but it is not a bad tournament, per se.
  2. Is there a results packet?
  3. BVSW on a 3-2 in finals. Congrats T-Wolves.
  4. JigglyPerm

    Dci Reform

    As much as I appreciate your team's deployment of sweaters. I think that I disagree with the purpose of DCI. During a discussion about the state tournament, Mr. Dubois said that the state tournament is the state tournament for the schools to brag about and the non debate community to commemorate while DCI is the state tournament for the debate community. I agree with this view. It is the only tournament where all of the best teams in the state attend. Wichita East, Washburn Rural, SME, etc. all require that the hosting teams not participate which takes out strong competition from the pool. Good teams consistently are unable to make the trip to KCKCC. The reason that the state tournament cannot remedy this is because class boundaries ensure that there are good teams in various classes. The idea of introducing a Copeland Award equivalent has received a very negative response when introduced on this forum in the past.
  5. JigglyPerm

    Dci Reform

    While I certainly understand where you are coming from, I feel like the success of KCKCC among other 3 day tournaments disproves your argument. You are right that having to work for both weekend days is hard, but perhaps the head coach could send a trusted assistant for one of the days. Additionally, not every school would have to stay for all three days. I don't think there is a huge impact to your first argument. The celebration that you are talking about could still happen at the awards ceremony and everyone would still find out who the winner is. Perhaps you are right that a three day tournament structure is not feasible but some change is necessary; the alternative is that DCI turns into just another tournament and the top teams will start deciding that it is not worth one of their tournaments to attend.
  6. JigglyPerm

    Dci Reform

    I think that raising entry fees is not feasible. Schools are already pressed on budgets, and raising entry fees would just crowd people out of these tournaments because they cannot afford it. That said, I think that the MPJ system needs to change. I already articulated my views on this when I posted in January (see the link that Luke included), but the way that the MPJ system worked this past year was not sufficient to be called an MPJ system. A better solution, in my opinion, would be to reach out to the college community for help. I know that Chief has a good understanding of the MPJ system and runs it well at his tournament without using the expensive Joy of Tournaments option, and I would be willing to bet that he would at least help the Kansas community know what the financial options are for that kind of thing. As much as I agree that MPJ is part of the issue it is only a small part. Size is a much larger issue. There are already a limited number of qualified judges in the pool which means that even if there is a complete MPJ system, too many teams are left being judged by inexperienced judges.
  7. I should have posted this earlier but things have been busy and it has just slipped my mind. Unfortunately, Spencer and I will be unable to attend the TOC because it is the same date as my sister's wedding. As frustrating as this situation is for us, I feel confident that putting family before debate is the best decision. Thank you everyone for the support throughout the season.
  8. Spencer, Jared, and I all have the AP Stats test on Friday, May 10th. It is supposed to be done at 4 PM. Do you know what time the first round will be?
  9. Name: Chris Birzer High School: Blue Valley West College: The University of Kansas Major (planned): Chemical Engineering Debating: Yes
  10. Casey-- I will add that there is no reason to read all of this "limits good" stuff in the block because the only counter interp that is made is "only our aff is topical" which means you should only answer the "we meet" and then make arguments about why that interp is obviously a nonstarter. This also would save you a lot of time in the block and the 2NR. Keith-- You should probably make a real counter interp to avoid the situation I just described.
  11. I vote aff. I think all this theory stuff is stupid and not warranted so I don't really evaluate it. I think the aff meets. The neg does not really define investment which means that if it is true that GPS is a topical target of invetsment which is the argument made on the TVOA, then that means that the aff increases investment in an underlying structure. That argument is not really in the 2AR but I don't think that the 2NR is going for a violation based off of the target of investment. The 2NR does not make an argument about why GPS is not topical, just about why only fixing it up is not topical which I don't think you have an interpretaiton that supports. That said, I would have given you both relatively bad speaks depending on what tournament this was (OK speaks for Kansas). Few suggestions. Aff- your plan text is abysmal. Take the time to write out "United States federal government" and make sure that your plan text is gramatically correct. I didn't really evaluate the rest of the debate but making RVI's and other stupid theory arguments is a waste of everyone's time and your speaker points Neg--I really only evaluated T, but the 1NC strat is pretty dumb. You are clearly showing your hand. Throw in a disad and counterplan. If you want to go for the K for sure, I think that there is a way that you could combine these K's and make it the entirety of the block. Just something to think about. If you are only going a few off, the 1NC K's should be larger. Pan doesn't seem that viable coming out of the 1NC as an independent reps K because I don't think it indicts their other advs. I think that this debate is different if you read a card that draws the distinction between maintenance and construction and read a violation based on that. I think that a general issue with T debates that I see in Kansas especially is that people don't read any relevant evidence. Reading 1 interp card in the 1NC is probably not enough to persuade me that you have the most predictable and precise interp. (Though in this debate, the aff didn't either so it didn't really matter) Email or message me with questions.
  12. If Hotstepper doesn't report, or another judge wants to join, I can judge and have a decision and RFD ready. I think you both know me. Let me know
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