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  1. OGRawrcat

    Need a specific card

    The first use/strike distinction is interesting but you would really really need a depth of evidence to back up that there is a large policy distinction. Most, if not all, aff solvency/internal link evidence on NFU will conflate the 2 terms, making aff answers fairly straightforward that there isn't much of distinction in how these terms are applied based on context in evidence. Another thing to consider is how this implicates aff advantages. NFU affs in broad strokes have both the straight up trump launches nukes advantages as well as perception/cred/miscalc advantages. So I can see this argument being an internal link take out to the former, but misses taking out how other international actors perceive US NFU policy, which you need specific evidence for. I think the best way to deploy this specific argument is as a supplement to circumvention arguments. So if you have arguments that trump will try to launch anyway and/or that he'll look for loopholes, you establish motive for him to try, this argument about technical distinctions between the two policies establishes means of circumventing.
  2. OGRawrcat

    What arguments go best against T

    Typically an arbitrary interp, but T-substantial could be applicable. The un way to do T debates: combine all 3 of the above violations into one shell and then strategically choose interps to kick or extend based on how well the 2ac contextualizes their standards debate to your shell
  3. OGRawrcat

    Need a specific card

    I feel like you're trying to make the argument that US first strike stops second strike capabilities, thus no retaliation and no extinction. Which I don't think will pan out as much of an argument. Do research into nuclear policy and nuclear security. Read some more into IR scholars and you just might find that, but eh. Russia definitely has effective second strike capabilities.
  4. OGRawrcat

    The Debatercast

    Gotta say, I loved the Jeffery Lewis interview. It's nice to hear from former debaters in the professional world, especially ones who are highly reputable in their field (#nukes).
  5. @seanarchy I am with you ethically. Trump is awful, genocide is bad, racism is bad. All of these posts rise to the level of why you think ktyler is dealing in intolerant ideas, but are a) tinged with an aggressive and dismissive tone and b) don't really try to engage meaningfully with ktyler. Countering intolerance should go beyond just saying "this is racist or privileged" and aim to both understand why those beliefs are held and moving from there in the language of who you're talking to why those ideas are intolerant and should be rejected. Taking an empathetic approach to encountering intolerant ideas is a better method for fostering an inclusive community. Be mindful that the "exclusion" of ideas in aiming for a better society is what creates the victimized attitude of white identity politics that got Trump elected. Whether or not you think that's a good excuse for white identity politics is irrelevant because that's how they feel. An underlying goal of debate is effective communication. That's way the vast majority of college debate programs are housed in the Communications Department and the Directors are usually tenured comm professors (or at least policy, I'm not that aware of other college debate activities). Communication as a skill translates in a variety of ways: politics (at a variety of levels), law (ridic long list of former debaters practicing law, the USMA director writes for Lawfare), activism (The Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle grassroots think tank comes to mind), journalism (Nate Silver, Nate Cohn). All of those fields involve persuasion. On an interpersonal level, I think that the skill of being able to dissect ideas, understand them, and approach them in that language is a valuable approach to persuasion and most effective. I don't really know why ktyler would feel like he would need to be open to you changing his mind when this thread was created as a roast of him and I don't think you took a particularly passive stance yourself. I admittedly didn't as well when I quoted your post and I apologize for that. Public call outs with seeming little intention of trying to work with someone you disagree with come across that way to me, with a notable exception for public officials and celebrities who by nature operate in that sphere. That may not have been your intention and I'm sorry for mis-attributing it to you. But really, I'm not a 4channer saying feminism is a feel-good enterprise or conspiracy to take down men.
  6. You are so full of yourself. Call out culture is toxic hot garbage that accomplishes nothing but personal good feelings and alienation of the person/people called out, which fosters increasingly isolated feelings and entrenched beliefs, which makes it worse. There are productive ways of engaging with people whose beliefs you see as wrong, which involves meaningful dialogue. The underlying purpose of learning argumentation and rhetoric in debate is learning how to persuade. IRL convos outside of debate rounds involve persuading the other person, not an audience. You're just playing to an audience and presenting yourself as morally superior. This is both the lowest tier of slacktivism and emblematic of having learned nothing meaningful from debate and how to translate it into real personal interactions. Try acknowledging different beliefs OR just that someone does hail from a different circuit that necessitates playing to a different audience and moving from there to explain why you think theres something wrong with it. Saying 90% of the debate community would be turned off by his aff is woefully ignorant of the heterogeneity of high school debate circuits; maybe he doesn't believe these things and has this case written for the conservative parents that judge texas uil tournaments. Maybe the research burden on current events and their implications is different. This thread should be locked and holed or just deleted.
  7. OGRawrcat

    New Debate Website Launch!

    Hello Cross-X members, Since the functional death of cross-x.com a few years ago the debate community has experienced a scattering of online community and communication. Between CPD, HSPD, reddit, cedaforums, different discord servers, and a handful of blogs, interview series, and websites, debate lacks a dedicated, centralized node for community discussion. As long-time cross-x users ourselves, we feel that the loss of this kind of truly valuable and unique community space should spurn the birth of a new platform for discussion. And so it has! Colin Dailey and I are proud to announce to launch of Policydb8.com - a new website created by debaters for debaters. We feel that providing a space that can create and strengthen connections not only within college debate but also between the high school and college debate communities is an essential cornerstone of the growth of debate writ-large and will have a lot of benefits moving forward. Forums like these provide a comfortable space for the creation of debate sub-culture and memes and allows debaters to relax and have fun, but more importantly they act as a pillar that grows interest and participation in the activity: from practice debates conducted online to evidence sharing and co-operative argument production to finding coaching resources and learning materials, the list goes on. While Policydb8.com will bring some of the forum features that you're familiar with, such as: - Live Video Conferencing - Screen Sharing - A Fully Functional File Marketplace - Clubs for Teaching and Competing - An Active Debate Calendar - A Central Hosting Site for Debate Streams - Articles, Interviews, and More from Debaters and Coaches We also want to provide a few services that we feel don't exist now: - A Centralized Coaches-for-Hire Directory - we want to create a space for coaches who are looking for work to post their credentials and put themselves out there for hire. The current struggle of posting in each facebook page and hoping enough of your friends promote your post (or that the right team sees it and reaches out for that matter) is a mess, and we'd like to make it a lot easier. Imagine having a single searchable directory where high school students in need of coaching can look through a list of coaches for hire and decide who they'd like to work with the most or who fits them the best. - An Archive - While this is not something we're 100% on yet, we'd like to get your feedback on the idea of creating a centralized archive for debate videos and past streams. Many debates exist on youtube, some exist on vimeo, others are scattered around different smaller websites or are merely sitting on hard drives in a closet. We will obviously never put a debate into the archive that a participant or institution asks us not to post and are aware of the sensitive nature of handling optics when publishing debate videos. That being said, we know there's a lot of interest in the community for being able to watch old debates and learn from them, and so we want to test the waters and get some opinions on how this could best be done. We plan to bring even more features to the website and would love your feedback on the kinds of things you'd like to see out of us. We're happy to answer any questions you have, whether you hate the website or you love it. Thanks for your time! We hope you'll come check out our website, create an account, and post an introduction in the forums! We'll keep you updated via our Twitter and Facebook pages. Twitter: https://twitter.com/policydb8 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Policydb8/
  8. OGRawrcat

    Team Policy Prep

    This would be a great use of the clubs feature on Policydb8.com! We actually have a club pre-made for novice debaters to collaborate with one another. If you would prefer to work with debaters across all skill levels, by all means start your own club! The High School Novice club on Policydb8 can be found here: https://www.policydb8.com/clubs/12-high-school-novice/
  9. Hi novice debaters! I would like to invite all of you to the High School Novice discussion club on Policydb8.com! Policydb8 enables users to participate in (and create) sub-forums in the website that can range from fully public to totally private. Myself and my partner in launching Policydb8 have already created a club for novices that is intended to be closed from public view so you all can have a private collaborative space to figure out debate with one another and work together! Come check it out here: https://www.policydb8.com/clubs/12-high-school-novice/ Hope to see you on Policydb8!
  10. OGRawrcat

    How to Withdraw Money or Get Paid from Evazon

    I love how my posts promoting policydb8.com from like 4 hours ago have been deleted but this remains unanswered.
  11. OGRawrcat

    Team Policy Prep

    Hi! This sounds like a good use of the Clubs feature on mine and a friend's, Chris Leonardi, new website, Policydb8.com. You can check out our clubs area here: policydb8.com/clubs And we have a general announcement posted here: https://www.policydb8.com/articles.html/site-news/policydb8-launch-r11/
  12. OGRawrcat

    lmao what the heck is going on

  13. OGRawrcat

    "The" PIC

  14. OGRawrcat

    I need to contact the owner of this site immediately

    No we are aggressively agreeing with one another lol