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  1. No wonder there are no recent rounds to look at. Are they cool with me using my phone to time myself?
  2. Space City: Houston Memorial - Colbert/Lai Alief Kerr - Clark/Thai
  3. For NFL Nats. It's a debate that you can opt into if you don't break in your qualified event/debate.
  4. Lifeline


    The best two pieces of literature to get on Foucault: Power/Knowledge: This is a collection of interviews with Foucault on a number of different topics that he wrote books on (Panopticism, Madness, Disciplinary/Juridical Power, Sexuality, etc.) This requires a beginner-intermediate understanding of his works; by this, I mean that you should at least have some grasp of Foucault's major ideology, as the interviewers often dive right into some deep aspects of Foucault's logic. Still, in some of the interviews (I know the chapter on Panopticism does this,) there will be a pseudo-introduction into the topic with a brief history of the ideas. If you want a fairly brief run-through of Foucault's ideas, he wrote an essay entitled "The Subject and Power" that does a great job of summarizing (mind you, in seven pages) his understanding of power on a macro-political level. The areas of analysis are sectioned off by generic questions (Why study power?; What constitutes 'the subject'?) that direct your knowledge to specific ideas. There's also his books on The History of Sexuality, though I doubt you'll need it unless you're making a heteronorm kritik. As for a link to next year's topic, I think it will depend a lot upon the affs that are run. The best link on this topic dealt with satellites creating a panopticon in space that disciplines us from space. A strong discipline link will usually give you access to a whole host of Foucault-related literature. One of the best people to ask on Foucault would be TheIncredibleHulk; he put out an evazon file on Foucault, and has a pretty broad knowledge of stuff like this.
  5. How would you impact an aff like this? Does the aff simply disengage the topic, or can they be topical in a roundabout way? I've seen a few project affs on this topic, but most of them didn't engage the topic, or said that they affirmed the resolution, but didn't provide a specific plan.
  6. I'm gonna get a macbook pro for college next year, not because it's amazingly superior (at least, that I know of,) but because peer pressure in the debate community has been eating away at me since paperless became a big deal in policy. My current laptop is really nice and has a widescreen (perfect for reading cards and less scrolling down) but I feel like it'll almost be mandatory in college to be a cool kid. More than that, it'll be super sexy to transfer speeches to my ipad over the cloud during rounds.
  7. It's basically a plan that is topical only through the things that it garners as impacts, not through its actual mandate (the plan text discerning what will actually be done). If the plan is topical in a vacuum (irrespective of its advantages) then it is not effects topical. For example, the space guard affs that mandate the creation of a new governmental organization functionally do not meet the the phrase "beyond the Earth's mesosphere," and thus could be seen as effects topicality. The aff would generally argue that the impacts that it solves for (whether the creation of ssa or what have you) make the plan topical through causation.
  8. PM me also. I have a lot of things to trade. I'm looking for a policy aff that with interesting impacts or unique internals to generic impacts.
  9. I don't see what the issue is. If anything, your problems would lie with the inherent barrier to the plan i.e. why it wasn't passed in the first place and why it should be passed now. If the the policy has nothing to do with the space topic, however, then you might have a problem. If the impacts of the case relate to space, but the actual mandate does not, then you should be worried about Effects (FX) topicality. There are numerous threads on that, so I would really go into explanation. The main argument you'd use though is to ask the judge to evaluate your plan in its intirety, including the advantages (not inside a vacuum.)
  10. Looking at the plan mandate itself, without taking into consideration the advantages. If the plan is topical only because it solves for issues that are related to space, then it is fx topical--evaluating the plan in a vacuum will allow the judge to recognize this clearly,
  11. Sort of. I'll obviously have to make it more persuasive than that in front of UIL judges. That's what I meant when I said I haven't seen any procedurals that have blown my mind this year (nor can I think of any).
  12. I'm going to UIL next week, and I haven't really seen any round-winning procedurals to run. If anyone has a workability file, I'd be willing to trade an arm for it. PM me with a toc.
  13. *This* is the bad side of using the search function to find old related topics.
  14. I think you're doing what you should be doing right now; it just takes a bit of time to get the hang of it. When I moved to varsity my freshman year, I almost pissed my pants when I saw all the work I'd have to do against a neg block that was spreading out 5+ off and case. The 1AR in itself is arguably the hardest speech to deliver, mainly because of the disparity in time between the 13-minute block and the 5-min rebuttal that you have. The most important things to look at when trying to give a great 1AR are 1) how can I *effectively* group these arguments so as to save time BUT not drop arguments, and 2) In what way should I split my time between these different arguments so as to put emphasis on the arguments that will most likely be in the new speech, but to also trap the negative into going for other advocacies that they would've rathered to drop. It takes TONS of practice and work, but doing a 1AR will inevitably make you better in any speech you do. I moved to both 2s this year, so I can kinda appreciate the hard work that I had to do, and can give my partner the moral support she needs when she's "wtf-ing" out of her mind.
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