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  1. Last year, my policy debate coach left and our policy team has been suffering tremendously throughout the year. We've already sent notifications to nearby So Cal colleges and universities to express our interest in a new policy coach, but no one responded. Does anyone have any other suggestions for ways to find a new coach? My head coach is going to post a coaching request under the sub forum: "Respecting the Elders" --> "Coaches" Thanks!
  2. Why do people do performances when running kritiks? Can you give me an example of how rapping, dancing, singing, etc. can help you win your framework?
  3. I want to run a natural disaster related affirmative and i want to get some opinion on it. I have a lot of good inherency cards for my case, because I know many of you will reject my aff simply because most earth monitoring cases don't have any inherency. What are the dangers of running a natural disasters advantage, and then reading a lot of impact calc on how probability outweighs magnitude?
  4. What do you think about running the Terror Talk Kritik this year? I don't think there's any disadvantage to doing it this year considering that most of the teams I went up against say "terrorists will kill us all" in their impact cards. Also, what are the most common responses to terror talk and discourse kritiks?
  5. Hey do you think it is a good idea to preflow your 1AC for the judge and then give the judge the preflowed 1AC before the round?
  6. Do you think its smart to run an Obama bad politics DA that would argue obama's popularity needs to stay low so that he can't get X passed. do you think a president's popularity will influence his inclination to veto a certain bill?
  7. Hey I recently switched my aff from BPs to weather satellites that can track natural disasters. Do you know any good ethics frameworks that would be good for this case?
  8. What do you mean by impact turning the alternative? Also, do you think its wiser to argue for realism, or argue that there is no alternative to realism? Thanks
  9. A lot of the affs I've seen (including my own) are struggling to weigh impacts against politics das and spending das because of time frame. Considering that most affs are building a satellite, shuttle, etc., most aff impact scenarios or solvency mechanisms will occur 5 - 20 years in the future. For instance, I ran Brilliant Pebbles (Space Ballistic Missile Defense) at Long Beach and lost to an international relations disad on time frame. I argued that its either we take the risk of pissing off other countries or face a high probability scenario of nuclear extinction 10 years in the future. Any advice on how to deal with time frame impact calc on aff? Thanks
  10. I watched the Cal Round robin on nfltv.org the other day. One of the judges said that a better affirmative response to the Security K other than realism is a liberal stance on international regimes and "common" goals/motives. I don't really understand this argument. Can anyone clarify what the judge meant? If you know some good cards that support the liberal stance, can you direct me to them? to see the judges explanation of the liberal stance, start around 4:50 for the second video http://nfltv.org/2011/02/24/cal-round-robin-policy/ thanks
  11. Do you think its wise to run predictability as a standard for Anti-Kritik Theory, considering that many kritiks will argue predictions and trying to maximize certainty (Burke 07) is bad...
  12. Do you think having a broader plan text is better than having a more specific plan text? For instance, if your text is the U.S. should significantly increase funding for Space Missile Defense v. "The USFG should revive the Brilliant Pebbles Program" Do you think specific plan texts link to more disads or do you think you can have better solvency arguments with specific plans?
  13. What is the difference between Martin Jay's criticism of Ocularcentrism and the Disaster Porn K? Are they the same thing? I only ask this because I want to run an ocularcentrism kritik, but I also want to makes sure I don't contradict the kritik with my impact scenario which technically links to disaster porn.
  14. Would you consider hegemonic power projection a feat of modern juridical power? For example, in the 1991 U.S. Invasion of Iraq, we projected our hegemony by defeating the Iraqi military. A lot of disads last year dealt with U.S. power projection capabilities as well. Do you know any authors who (1) point out that power projection is a form of juridical power or (2) criticize juridical power? Thanks
  15. Will privatization cp's / prizes cp's like "The USFG should offer a prize of $100million to the first private organization to ______(Plan text)______" be really vulnerable to perms. Technically they are not competitive b/c we can have prizes and do the plan at the same time. But most of the perms would eliminate the net benefit of the cp. Like if a private corporation was offered the prize to send up a satellite that NASA was already working on, then they probably wouldn't take the offer. Or, if the Net Benefit was that we save money through prizes, then you lose that net benefit if you perm the cp. I guess the question i'm asking is where do you draw the line for perms? Would most teams win that a perm is illegitimate if the perm takes out the net benefit?
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