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  1. Alt: Vote Negative Debater " whats the status of yor K?" Sketchy K debater...."Well.... we will unconditionally defend the alternative text"
  2. Libertarian views kicking in- I think it would totally stimulate the economy. I also think if it doesn't effect anyone else, hell it isn't their problem. Also, it decreases usage among children. And, lastly, Biopower...
  3. Nietzsche god is dead.
  4. I have some stuff. Christiansgeddes@gmail.com
  5. BTW Canada is on it with us and would probably be benefited in providing the extra $ CP: Canada provide the remaining 1.2 bill to make it work some net ben about fiscal discipline specific to the fact the US just spent shit tons of cash passing it through congress...
  6. debatevision.net has videos of them at the TOC
  7. just find a generic fem k as case turns (government action is inherently patriarchal due to our political structure), A male dominated trying to save women gives the impression women are weak. Then read f/w, and read like empire k stuff about working within the system to destroy itself actually extends empire Assuming this is a super fem aff. I can send you the empire k thing if you want it
  8. I said it'd be in the medaifire link I'm posting on the UTNIF files thread

  9. so it won't lemme read your message

  10. liberalism is one of the top forms of oppression, it gives the facade of equity, just saying...
  11. the accuracy is so legit. That picture made me laugh so hard
  12. didnt know that, didnt have to neg me bro, i was appreciating a friends attempt. thanks.
  13. http://www.reddit.com/r/crossx/ Look what now exists. Use it. A friend originally started it for novices(thus puttingthekindebate and the3nr) but I figure that everyone should use it, and he's chill with that.
  14. I would love to trade for any conspiracy theory stuff out there that can somehow be mangled into a disad to an actor, turned into an advantage, evidence that is a solvency advocate to a NASA conspiracy theory aff, or any conspiracy stuff in general pm me or email me at christiansgeddes@gmail.com
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