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  1. Gulliver is sending a team
  2. Gulliver Prep is sending Daniela Mintz and Paula Zampietro
  3. does anyone know what Austin SFA runs?
  4. thanks, do you know what advantages they run by any chance?
  5. Hey, I'm trying to put together a caselist for the St. Marks Novice Round Robin in May. If you know any cases that aren't listed or that some of them are wrong please post! Austin SFA High School- ? Barstow School- prison condoms berkner high school- ? Bishop Guertin HS- iraqi refugees Bronx School for Law, Government, Justice- immigrant hc Colleyville Heritage High School- indian bison Grapevine High School-? Greenhill School- ESA Greenwood- TANF Gulliver Prep- full employment Highland Park (Dallas)- Broadband Jesuit College Prep- ? Kamit Institute for Magnificent Acheivers-? Little Rock Central- Medicaid Pace Academy- Foodstamps & milliken vs. bradley The Blake School- medicaid The Kinkaid School- stem under title 1 Wakeland High School- homelessness Westlake High School- kish welfare aff
  6. From Gulliver Prep Daniela Mintz (2A) and Paula Zampietro (2N) are going.
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