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  1. http://www.2shared.com/complete/klva7mNo/Foucault_-_The_subject_and_pow.html
  2. do you happen to have an electronic copy that you would like to share please?
  3. here is the letter that the advisory board wrote about this thing: In response to public commentary regarding the at-large process for the 2011 Tournament of Champions, the members of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Advisory Committee issue the following clarifications: At the request of Andrea Reed, Director of the TOC, the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Advisory Committee reviewed an at-large application from a debater who lacked the usual one-bid requirement to apply. The Tournament Director was asked to make an exception to the requirement based on irregularities at tournaments over the course of the year that were summarized in the application and accompanying letter. Upon review of the circumstances, she chose to grant the exception and asked the members of the Advisory Committee to rank the debater. Committee members were free to rank the debater as they saw fit and could take the lack of a single bid into consideration in making their rankings. Most members of the Advisory Committee rated the application based on the fact that the Director of the Tournament said that members should consider the entry. The question was not then whether or not the student should be considered but whether the student was competitive. Each member may have different opinions about whether the student should have been on the list, but that was not the role of the members at the point at which they were given the rankings. In the final calculation, the debater's application was strong enough that he received an at-large invitation to the TOC. An important caveat was that the letter sent to support the exception also explicitly asked for consideration of ANY debater if they could prove exigent circumstances based on the observation that many tournaments during the year seemed to have issues that potentially affected outcomes for certain competitors. The Tournament Director made clear that any coach could request an exception to the at large rules, which would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This will be made clearer in the invitation in future years by including a section which makes clear that "any request for an exception to any rule shall be put in writing to the TOC Director and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis." Exceptions to the usual standards of admission to the TOC are rare, but they are not unprecedented. There have been other occasions on which the TOC Director has chosen to allow the Committee to rank bid-less debaters. There have been occasions on which fully qualified debaters whose applications to the TOC were submitted late were admitted through the at-large process. There have been occasions on which policy debaters who qualified with different partners were allowed to debate together at the TOC. There have also been occasions when members of the Committee were allowed to rank at-large candidates who did not meet the 60% preliminary round win percentage requirement. These exceptions are always made at the discretion of the Tournament Director, rather than the Committee. This explanation is intended to provide some context for the current situation. The members appreciate how much those who have expressed concern care about this activity and the TOC, and would like to encourage community members to discuss issues regarding both debate and the TOC in a respectful, thoughtful, and measured manner. Any concerned coaches may contact Andrea Reed, Director of the Tournament of Champions, at reed.andrea@uky.edu.
  4. you dont need to bring tvs- they have two big ones in each lobby
  5. bad affs like this make me angry and want to help you first off. Inherency the US recognizes the Armenian Genocide as a really bad thing and like a few posts above said is pressuring turkey to recognize the Genocide Second. the executive order fails because it is not the normal means of recognizing genocide- you should find a card that says just stating that we recognize the Armenian Genocide by having Obama decry it as bad- and turn this into a CP along the lines of "Obama should issue a public statement that has the US officially recognize the Armenian Genocide" if they have any solvency cards or inherency cards, then they should probably suffice to be the solvency advocate for the CP because they probably do not advocate the plan and do advocate the CP the NB would have to be a Iran relations DA that says turkey is the only intermediary between east and west, and you can have some kind of K thing on there too if you want, like Orientalism would probably be a NB because like the AFF shows Turkey as like bad and a problem, idk im not all into the K lit thing but i think this would be a really tricky net benefit, i guess it wouldnt be a K but more of a critical DA third. they probably do not have a solvency advocate- like there is probably no way anyone with any qualifications would support this, like this is a round winner in and of itself even if it generally is a really bad argument- ask them for the 1ac cites so that you can go through their cards to check fourth. effects T they probably read this aff kickout style so you should be like- they dont use the USFG because the plan results in Turkey kicking us out- that is their solvency mechanism- then read like international fiat bad because there is probably some legitimacy here for that ya so i rarely post on here but this aff just pissed me off- go kick their ass
  6. i know sherry hit her at sems at cypress

  7. hii how do you know me semi-personally? =) just wondering cause that was a very nice thing to say about my partner and i, that we were up there with ridiculously amazing teams like damien and gbs

  8. So I'm guessing you're in Montana.

  9. i dont think that gbn beat damien though
  10. round 11 was supposed to start at 2 and it should be about 230 in kansas city
  11. yes but there are times where common sense can be applied
  12. well they have made it to round 10 and they havent hit any of the big national circut teams yet so i think we can assert that they are doing well
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