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  1. Well apparently, the wording of my original post was somewhat offense. I'm sorry for being so brief, it came across as me being rude. Mr. Dubois, can you post some of these names, or PM their names to me or to Creighton, we're short one or two for this weekend, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could.
  2. My, my, Alex. Bitter feelings? I do believe you've become dangerously close to attempting to start a rather woman-ish cat fight.
  3. And since you counted Emporia for qualifying for CFL, don't leave out Brazill-Coleman from WNW... THose wichita schools are important as well, you know...
  4. I don't have the time to do this myself right now, but here's a tip: Check the KSHSAA website. I bet they know. After all, it is their state tournament.
  5. Sounds somewhat legit.. But there is potentially a lot of controversy that could be coming from this "some who can debate champ while others can't" thing.
  6. Yeah, no kidding. I tend to get called DICK multiple times. A particular tournament in TX comes to mind... In case I didn't mention it earlier, Brazill-Coleman and Hallinger-Thomas are the teams from NW.
  7. And... who are you again? Like, last names maybe?
  8. I'm looking for a card from Brobero in 1994 talking about how the USFG cannot enact policies, but instead it must be the smaller agencies.
  9. Since India Passed last night, does anyone have any interesting scenarios they would trade for dealing with the lame duck? I've got tons. PM me
  10. No, Alex, not about the loss. I just have a lot of problems with what people are saying in terms of we should listen to this in the forum of policy debate because it can get things done. HOWEVER, this argument is at heart, a criticism. They admit in round that it's an interesting little version of a Norm K. How many of us run a K in round and actively go out and persue the alternative? How many of us follow through with any sort of out of round advocacy and attempt to educate people about the philosophy of Agamben, Spanos, or something else? We don't. Most people don't. If you do, good for you, because I'm sure that people are going to say something like, "well I do." Maybe the team I saw did it like shit, but the 2NR spent the whole speech asking for the ballot to be used as a tool to vindicate KCC with a win and bring attention to their argument. Any real impact that this project has is because it's been discussed outside of round, like this. On forums, in books, in conversations at tournament sites. NOT IN THE ROUND. That's where this is from. Not the ballots cast for KCC.
  11. By the way, Will.. your original post has VC being 10/3-4... 10 is October. Just an FYI. It sounded like a fun tournament, I know we certainly enjoyed the competition last year, but KCKCC was that weekend, and we decided to go have some fun of the northern persuasion.
  12. Personally, I really disagree with what is being done here. The problem is, this is an actual discussion, with actual legitimacy. This can't be done in a round. The proper forum for this is a book or some other forum that is not a debate round where students are selling themselves out for the ballot. Ultimately, the kids bite their own K. Pretty hard. It also could be interpreted as a cheap way to play the race card... At least that's one sentiment I've recently heard.
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