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  1. Name and location: Parth Khatri-St. Louis, MO Years out of High School: 1 Years in College (if you attend college): Freshamn Summary of debate experience: 4 Years of HS debate at New Trier High School in Winnetka, IL. Most of the tournaments I attended sophomore, junior and senior year were on the national circuit. Willing to cut cards/reasearch (Y/N): Yes Is transportation needed? (Y/N): Yes, if its not in STL Is housing needed? (Y/N): Yes, if it's not in the Chicago or STL area Time(s) available/Tournaments available: Available for most tournaments next semester and Dowling this semester PM me or email at parthkhatri@gmail.com
  2. I'mma let you finish, but OPRF CR has got to be the best K team in the country.
  3. Round 1: I know New Trier BN beat Centennial KP, NT was neg, 2nr was security
  4. Eric Chen from New Trier is gonna be in this lab. He's a 1a/2n
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