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  1. the master file I'm working for D/G has links for militarism science technology security environment capitalism (amongst others), which can all link for this topic.
  2. Deleuze/Guattari subsumes other Ks; rare and difficult to understand; great lit on alt solvency
  3. I'll have a D&G Master K file, D&G Afghanistan Aff and Anti-D&G File up on Evazon soon, but for those of you using D&G right now in your debates, Dan Smith's journal article on Lacan, Deleuze and Zizek is about as solid as it gets for answering Lacan and Zizek attacks.
  4. Go here: http://aaaaarg.org/library Username: dornona Password: enter1 Free anarchist collection of philosophy, culture, interdisciplinary books for free.
  5. Maury, if you read the first sentence of Anti-Oedipus, you would have no trouble with the (over)use of the word "It." Nonsensical? Good. Welcome to the virtual. "Signifiers" and "processes" are certainly not concepts. You know this. I've never heard of "Specific" Deleuzeans. Only dogmatic. Pot-shot? Aw c'mon, let's play nicely. So, let's recap: nomads occupy the smooth space where there is no State. Nomadism is always an alternative to the State. ("History is one with the triumph of the states" [ATP p. 394]). So don't think of nomadism as having anything necessarily to do with traveling or diasporas as much as it is necessarily about smooth spaces antithetical to the State. (Certainly nomadism, like the Jewish 'state', can move from regions to others to find such a smooth space, but it is not necessary, hence the spiel on 'traveling'). The war machine simply occurs whenever the State and the nomad clash. As mentioned previously, the war machine can certainly be 'co-opted' by or subsumed into the State. (That is, our current military). Ah...you want politicized examples: terrorism; the drug trade in Afghanistan; different Islamic groups in *some* regions; also a slew of 'cultural events' like Renaissance Festivals / Burning Man; etc.
  6. I'd love to get a hold of a lot of your files. What files are you looking for? Let me know - remington.robertson@gmail.com

  7. Let's be clear here: nomadism involves nothing of traveling, displacement, etc. in actuality by necessity. It is a virtual progression, change, alteration. Deleuze once said he loved traveling but never really traveled much, following that up with a quote about how you don't have to move in actuality to travel virtually. (See a virtual - actual distinction here). Point: the evidence from D&G is realist in that it draws on the immigration of African Americans and others in relation to nomadism. However, they just use this to suck you in, in my opinion. The reason for a woman has to become-woman, and that a man has to become-woman, the becoming-imperceptible, etc., is a distinction between signifiers and processes. Becoming-woman as a different type of woman than the normative signifier "woman." The same for the rest. It's to do a becoming of a process that unravels you from the "molar" gravitational forces of desiring-production of what the normative signifier "woman" means. Thus becoming-imperceptible is the becoming-___ that subsumes the rest of them. The problem with the realist advocation of nomadism is affirmatives like Maury's Iraq D&G's aff.
  8. Anyone seen one yet? Having trouble finding evidence.
  9. Hey all, Needing contributions for the second issue of a debate magazine I run (free online). It covers any topic area of Policy, LD, PF Debate, and a separate section on Education. If you are interested please contact me asap at administrator at dynasty-debate dot com. Thanks so much. PS - I can send you a link to the first issue and the official call for papers. Trying to keep this post brief - don't want it to be seen as advertising.
  10. see the Mercenaries DA in the Evazon store - it's free
  11. Not clear on the nuclearism kritik but its a popular camp file.. Foucault K will probably be a critical affirmative advantage (withdraw=withdraw biopower). Same story with Lacan K, specifically otherization. Spanos, Hillman, Schmidt are pretty popular among some of the most advanced debaters (translation: posts on this website). And of course you can always work in a Zizek, Deleuze K. I would definitely suggest buying Arrogant Maury's Deleuze(& Guattari, though largely ignored) Master File. But to the 'role of the k' this year.... the "withdraw" really switches K's from the negative to the affirmative (critical affirmatives and/or critical advantages), but advanced debaters will be able to turn a lot of critical affirmatives. For example, the Empire K (Hardt/Negri) will or can turn to a critical affirmative, but depending on what facade one is using for presence reduction, it can link right back into a newly developed Empire K. Also: must have extensive knowledge of the new Commonwealth book (2009) in terms of solvency (what exactly the multitude and the commonwealth are, for example, and how they can solve). I expect K's will be run on the negative, but that there will be two divisions: first, all the camp files (fem IR, prolif, securitization, etc); and second, some of the more advanced debater's home-cut files (hillman, spanos, schmidt, and vollman, if you're that creative). But they'll be run. Against affirmatives that will be largely critical or at least have critical advantages in semi's and finals rounds. No, the K hasn't disappeared.
  12. Philosophy is divided into continental and analytical philosophy. Deleuze, Derrida, and others are part of continental, which are usually discussing "truth values". (So the discussion of does it have truth value is kind of absurd). Analytical is logic. Philosophy is also (separately) divided into: -metaphysics -religion -politics -theory of knowledge/epistemology -ontology/being Deleuze said philosophy is where concepts are created (and defeated). They then go into art and/or science, where they function. Pick whatever description you like, but please note, post-structuralism/-modernism may be "shit" to people (hold no truth value), but it's still philosophy.
  13. Fem IR Nuclearism Terror Talk Hegemony?
  14. The Empire K is for free on PD, I'm pretty sure, and an Empire K Aff (Turkey) shell is available for free in the Evazon store. (Working on making sure it downloads now).
  15. Are you serious? - and don't forget Kafka & What is Philosophy?
  16. Deleuzoguattarian, Maury. Respect the multitude.
  17. Most popular affs so far, in my opinion: drone planes south korea (in general) okinawa->guam (will not be popular for long) turkey TNW humain terrain teams mercenaries
  18. of course it does depend on your definition, i just prefer to think of mercenaries as police presence since they are hired and are not part of the US' military. but then again the types of presence (military, police) are defined by function, not by relation.
  19. Version


    Consists of a link, impact, alternative and one AT. *All evidence is Guam-specific* - combine it with your colonialism/imperialism kritik backfiles for more defense. Solid for any affirmatives who think they should move troops to Guam.


  20. Version


    Kritik based off of Roland Barthes' Mythology. Summary: signification in speech is injected with cultural myths that usually are used against the speech itself. Example: using the term bourgeoisie actually continues its oppression rather than possibly using it against itself. He was a structuralist so many of you will find this a "duh" if you're familiar with Derrida, Baudrillard and other post-structuralists. Note: this is not specific to military deployment. Probably best used on the affirmative if negatives used certain linguistic terms in arguments. Not all that useful so it's free. Table of contents below. 1NC Shell 2 LINK: Bourgeoisie 3 LINK: Bourgeoisie (2) 4 LINK: Left-Wing Politics 5 LINK: Right-Wing Politics 6 LINK: Otherization 7 LINK: Liberalism 8 LINK: Statement of Fact / Proverb 9 IMPACT: “Bougeousie” → Dominating Ideology 10 IMPACT: Leftist Politics → Futile 11 IMPACT: Oppression 12 ALTERNATIVE: Political Speech 13 ALTERNATIVE: Demythologize 14 AT: Natural 15


  21. Version


    This is a scrap of using the Empire Kritik as an affirmative this year for the US' WMD in Turkey. It's completely kritikal. The only regular, policy, non-kritikal card is the inherency. Interesting to look at and I'm sure some of you can develop it further. The best is the advantages and the AT's. Here's the TOC: Introduction 2 Inherency: US WMD in Turkey 3 Harm: (Nuclear) Deterrence 4 Harm: (Nuclear) Deterrence (2) 5 Significance: Complete Domination 6 SUGGESTED PLANS 7 Solvency Framework 8 Advantage: Biopolitics 9 Advantage Impact: Biopolitics 10 Advantage: Hegemony 11 Advantage Impact: Hegemony 12 Advantage: Militarism 13 Advantage Impact: Militarism 14 Advantage: Imperialism 15 Advantage Impact: Imperialism 16 AT: Reject Solvency Framework 17 AT: Politics-Based DA 18 AT: Spending DA 19 AT: Courts CP 20 AT: Agent CP 21 PS - the solvency framework is that you and your teammate are the multitude.


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