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    Thursday File 1-30

    Politics for this week is a bit murky, mostly from a STOU that focused on executive orders rather than legislation. This week's file includes Trade Promotion Authority as the primary DA. TPA is still possible, but Obama didn't do himself any favors by barely mentioning fast track in his SOTU speech, thus the uniqueness is not as strong as it was last week. While strong arguments against passage of TPA, especially since Harry Ried came out against the legislation yesterday.
    Immigration remains a strong option and there is momentum to pass. Although Obama didn't provide much support in the STOU address,, the House Republicans realize that passing some kind of immigration reform may be necessary for midterm elections. You should look out as to what happens later today regarding the House Republican's announcement regarding their immigration objectives. This may have an impact on the DA's uniqueness.
    Iran is possible, but the uniqueness evidence may be too good. There doesn't seem to be much hope for a vote to happen.
    Other possibilities including Debt Ceiling and Minimum wage are included, but do not seem to be viable possibilities for this week.
    This file was completed by Donny Peters, Assistant Director of Forensics at California State University-Fullerton. Donny has coached successful CEDA/NDT teams at the novice, JV and Open levels. He has over 15 years of experience in the activity.
    Thursday File, January 30, 2014
    Trade Promotion Authority. 5
    1NC.. 6
    Uniqueness. 8
    PC is Key. 10
    Impacts. 14
    Key to Trade. 15
    Key to Jobs. 18
    Key to Trade Leadership. 19
    Key to Trade Agreement Negotiation. 22
    Asian Heg Good – Proliferation. 27
    TPA Key to EU Trade Agreement 29
    EU Trade Agreement Key to the Economy. 31
    EU Trade Agreement Key to Eurozone. 32
    Eurozone Collapse Impact 33
    Eurozone Crisis – Hegemony Impact 35
    Competitiveness. 38
    Economic Decline Impact 40
    Aff. 42
    No Uniqueness. 43
    Obama not pushing for TPA.. 46
    TPA Bad – Environment 47
    TPA Bad – Oversight 50
    Immigration. 53
    Uniqueness. 54
    PC is key. 57
    Tea Party Key. 58
    No Reform Now.. 59
    Minimum Wage. 61
    Uniqueness. 62
    PC Key. 63
    Impacts. 64
    A/T Job Loss. 67
    Affirmative. 68
    Iran Sanctions. 69
    Uniqueness. 70
    Affirmative. 72
    Uniqueness Overwhelms the link. 73
    Debt Ceiling. 75
    Will pass. 76
    Will not pass. 78
    Unemployment 79
    Negative General 80
    A/T Thumpers. 81
    A/T Political Capital 82
    Executive Order 83
    Affirmative General 84
    No Political Capital 85
    Thumpers. 86
    Previous Thursday File. 88
    Iran DA.. 89
    Iran (1nc Shell) 90
    Uniqueness Extensions. 92
    UQ Wall: Sanctions Won’t Pass Now.. 93
    UQ: Obama Has Capital 96
    UQ: AT: Obamacare Thumper. 98
    UQ: AT: No Vote. 100
    UQ: AT: Vote A Long Way Off. 102
    UQ: Obama Fighting Off Sanctions Now.. 103
    UQ: Congress Pushing For Sanctions Now.. 105
    UQ: AT: Israel Lobby Means Congress Won’t Cave. 106
    UQ: AT: Veto means UQ overwhelms link. 107
    UQ: Obama Veto Will Hold. 109
    UQ: Now Key Time. 110
    UQ: AT: Centrifuges kill the deal 111
    Internal Links. 112
    Internal Links: Political Capital Key to Fight Off Supporters. 113
    Internal Links: AT: Winners Win. 119
    Internal Links: Democrats Key. 120
    Internal Links: Votes Can Shift 121
    Impacts. 124
    Impacts: Sanctions = War. 125
    Impacts: Iran Prolif Module. 131
    Impacts: Iran Prolif Bad. 135
    Impacts: AT: Iran will be deterred. 139
    Impacts: AT: Sanctions Can Be Waived. 140
    Impacts: AT: Iran Will Cheat 143
    Impacts: Sanctions Bad/Diplomacy Works. 144
    Impacts: AT: Sanctions Good. 145
    Impacts: Diplomacy Succeeding Now.. 150
    Impacts: Sanctions Undercut Diplomacy. 152
    Impacts: Sanctions Empower Hardliners. 155
    Impacts: Can Trust Rouhani 158
    Impacts: AT: Khamenei, not Rouhani, is in charge. 159
    Impacts: Deal Solves. 160
    Impacts: Sanctions Kill Unity. 161
    Impacts: AT: North Korea Proves Softline Fails. 162
    Impacts: AT: Terrorism Turn/Sanctions Stop Iran Support of Terrorists. 163
    Impacts: Turn Case Modules. 164
    Impacts: Economy. 165
    Impacts: Hegemony. 166
    Impacts: Laundry List of Countries. 168
    Impacts: Middle East War. 169
    Impacts: Oil Prices. 171
    Impacts: Proliferation. 172
    Impacts: Syria Module. 173
    AFF Answers. 176
    Iran Answers (2ac Front-Line) 177
    1ar: No Vote. 181
    1ar: Political Capital Useless. 182
    1ar: No Capital 183
    1ar: Obamacare Thumper. 184
    1ar: No War. 187
    AFF Answers—Iran Prolif Answers. 188
    Sanctions Good Impact Turns (2ac Front-Line) 189
    Immigration Reform NEG Updates. 192
    Immigration Reform Shell 193
    UQ Wall: Immigration Reform Will Pass Now.. 197
    UQ: Now Key Time. 199
    UQ: AT: Only Piecemeal Reform Will Pass. 200
    UQ: AT: Amnesty Provisions Doom Bill 201
    UQ: Serious Commitment to IR Now.. 202
    UQ: AT: Obama will pass it by executive order. 203
    Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Economy. 204
    Immigration Reform AFF Answers (2ac) 205
    1ar: Obama Not Pushing Immigration Reform... 207
    1ar: Immigration Reform Won’t Pass Now.. 208
    Debt Ceiling Answers (2ac) 209
    1ar: Extensions: UQ Overwhelms link. 211
    Midterms Answers. 212
    TPP AFF Answers. 214
    Unemployment Benefits Answers. 215

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    Thursday File, January 2, 2014

    The first Thursday file for 2014 includes Immigration Reform and Iran sanctions as complete 1NC ready arguments. The file also contains evidence for extending unemployment benefits and midterms that could easily be developed into viable disadvantages. Your best bet for this weekend is probably immigration reform. There is new optimism that the House is willing to take up immigration when they get back to work on the 6th.
    This week's file is by Donny Peters, Assistant Director of Forensics at California State University Fullerton. Donny has coached many successful teams in CEDA and NDT at CSUF, Illinois State University, Wayne State University and West Virginia University.
    Thursday File, Jan. 2, 2014. 1
    Immigration. 4
    1NC. 5
    Uniqueness. 10
    Geneeral 11
    Obama Pushing Immigration Reform.. 14
    Boehner on board. 15
    A/T NO Political Capital 17
    Top Priority. 18
    Impacts. 19
    Key to Economy. 20
    Prevents Russia & China war. 23
    Prevents War:General 24
    Hegemony. 25
    Econ Impact – Warming. 27
    Affirmative. 28
    Unemployment Benefits. 29
    Uniqueness. 30
    Economy. 32
    Obama pushing UB. 33
    Top of docket. 34
    Democrats pushing UB. 35
    A/T Unemployment low.. 36
    A/T Quo will increase jobs. 37
    Aff Answers. 38
    Iran. 39
    1NC. 40
    Sanctions Undermine Nuke Deal 44
    Key to Middle East Peace. 45
    Affirmative Answers. 46
    Midterms. 47
    GOP will take the Senate. 48
    GOP will keep the house. 49
    Midterms Key to Obama’s agenda. 50
    Executive Orders. 51
    Affirmative Answers: General 52
    Thumpers. 53
    Previous Thursday Files. 54
    Negative Cards. 55
    Iran Sanctions Obama Winning. 56
    Congress United. 58
    AT: Debt Ceiling Thumper. 60
    AT: Nominations Thumper. 61
    Political Capital High Now.. 62
    Immigration Reform Will Pass. 63
    Affirmative Cards. 65
    Debt Ceiling Thumper. 66
    Nomination Thumper. 67
    Iran Sanctions Obama Losing. 68
    Political Capital Low Now.. 70
    Thumpers. 71
    Immigration Reform Won’t Pass. 72
    Iran Cards from 12/12. 74
    U 1NC. 75
    U 2NC. 77
    AT Democrats Back from Deal 79
    Yes House. 80
    Menendez IL. 82
    AT Obama Veto. 83
    AT: Johnson Shelved Decision. 84
    AT: HC Thumper. 85
    2NC Impact Overview.. 86
    Turns Hegemony. 91
    Turns US Credibility. 93
    Turns Economy. 94
    Central Asia Impact. 96
    General Nuclear War Impact. 97
    Middle East War Module. 98
    Syria Module. 100
    Impacts: AT: Iran will be deterred. 103
    AT: Can’t Trust Rouhani 104
    AT: Deal Fails. 105
    AT: Sanctions Won’t Hurt Deal 106
    Aff- Iran Sanctions. 109

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    Thursday File 11/14

    Immigration is nearly dead, and is probably dead for the foreseeable future so I have created 2 possible replacements. First is the Employment Non-discrimination Act or ENDA. This is a bipartisanship da, not a political captial. ENDA is key to stop employment discrimination against those who identify as LGBT. Bipart is key to get the bill to the floor where the evidence is rather conclusive that there is a majority who will vote for the bill. The second DA is an Iran sanctions political capital da. The Obama administration is working on a deal for Iran to stop is nuclear weapons program. There is good reason to think this deal will be done by the end of the month. Both Democrats and Republicans are against providing any significant concessions to Iran, thus they are working on legislation to block Obama from lifting any sanctions and they plan to add more. So in the status quo they can't get sanctions passed, but Obama needs is political capital prevent passage. Plan takes Obama's capital away, sanctions are passed and no Iran deal. I have included the Immigration DA in case you do not want to give up on it. Finally, the file provides many uniqueness answers regarding Obama's ability to influence, or Congress getting anything done.
    Author: Donny Peters, Assistant Director of Forensics California State University Fullerton.
    Donny has over 12 years coaching experience at the high school and college level. He has coached teams to national success at the novice, JV and Open levels including elimination rounds at CEDA and the NDT.
    Thursday File, 11/14
    ENDA 1
    1NC 2
    Uniqueness 6
    2NC/1NR 7
    Bipartisan support 9
    A/T Boehner will block 12
    ENDA Popular 14
    Impacts 15
    General 16
    ENDA Key 17
    Whiteness 18
    Compulsory Heterosexuality 20
    Root Cause 21
    D-Rule 23
    AIDS 24
    A/T 2AC 25
    A/T Winners win 26
    A/T Intrinsicness 29
    AT – Plan Popular with Public 30
    AT – Bottom of the Docket 32
    A/T Timeframe 33
    A2: Do Both 34
    A/T Political Capital 35
    A/T No bipartisanship 36
    A/T ENDA hurts businesses 37
    Iran Nuclear Deal 38
    Nuke Deal Good 1NC 39
    Uniqueness 43
    Political Capital Key 46
    Sanctions will block Nuke Deal 48
    Impacts 49
    Immigration 53
    1NC 54
    Will pass 57
    Obama Pushing Immigration Reform 58
    Political Capital Key to Immigration 59
    A2: Winners Win 62
    A2: Kick the Can 68
    A2: XO Solves 69
    2NC Hegemony 70
    Affirmative Answers 73
    ENDA 74
    Iran 77
    Immigration 82
    Generic Uniqueness Answers 84
    Thumpers 89

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