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  1. SKFTA or Repeal Health Care might work ?
  2. I would love to get some too.
  3. Plan: The Colbert Nation should eliminate all bears. A. Competes through the other off-cases. B. Can't Perm-- Obama is also a bear, and it's physically impossible to use a bear to pass a plan while getting rid of all of them. Wikiality 4/12/10 ("Barack Hussein Obama") http://wikiality.wikia.com/Obama Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) is the United States' first black man — or should I say, black Bear — to serve as president and is the U.S.'s 44th president... As talk of Obama 08 heated up, several GOP talking heads experimented with various truthy ways of pronouncing the Senator's name. All involved emphasizing that middle name, but some of the more creative alternatives also shifted his first name to "BEAR-ack" or "BAR-ock." C. Bears are the most dangerous and evil creatures in the world. Wikiality 4/11/10 ("Bears") http://wikiality.wikia.com/Bears Bears are soulless, godless, rampaging killing machines. They are on the list of things that will kill you. They are Satan's minions and the TRUE symbol of evil. Once believed to be the work of dragons, Bears (like purple donkeys) enjoy running around the woods molesting and raping innocent people and squids. For years now, ravenous bears have had free reign to use our woods as their personal latrine, protected by their "endangered" status. D. We don't have much time left. We must get rid of this threat before their uprising in 2012. Wikiality 3/29/10 ("Bear Uprising of 2012") http://wikiality.wikia.com/Bear_uprising_of_2012 The Bear Uprising of 2012 was predicted by many Heroes to occur on the Winter Solstice of 2012. At that point in time, the Earth, the Sun, and the Galactic Blackhole will form a straight line thereby causing a pole shift [1] and a geomagnetic reversal [2]. The secret military base the polar bears built beneath the polar ice cap will become operational afterwards and the Holy War of Armageddon shall begin. They have predicted that in 2012 the Colbear and Bearlister Crowley, on their way to Mt. Rushmore to do battle with Stephen Colbert, will take over a satellite and use it to broadcast a signal all over the world which activates his sleeper cells. It is also rumored that the Bear Uprising might lead to cheers unleashing their hell throughout the southwestern U.S.. E. And, the USFG can't do this now-- Obama's a part of it. Wikiality 3/29/10 ("Bear Uprising of 2012") http://wikiality.wikia.com/Bear_uprising_of_2012 On Nov 4, Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States of America, and in doing so he nearly ensured Humanity's defeat at the hands of the bears. You see, originally, America needed John McCain to become president, who would then be mauled by a bear on a diplomatic trip to Russia, allowing Sarah Palin to become president. As her first order of duty, she would not only make aerial hunting legal, but mandatory in all states, and she would build up America's helicopter reserves, so when the bears come, we would be ready. But thanks to a time traveling Austrian cyborg bear who killed McCain supporters in the swing states, John McCain and Sarah Palin never made it to the White House. Instead, America elected Barack Obama, the first black man, or soon to be, BLACK BEAR as the president of what would become the United States of ABEARica. The signs are obvious: rearrange the letters in Barack Obama and you get Black Bear. F. Colbert Nation solves best. Wikiality 4/11/10 ("Bears") http://wikiality.wikia.com/Bears Bears appear all over the globe. Their major headquarters are located in the Middle East and Canada. When not "hibernating," or recharging for their next attack, they are out on the loose, threatening men, women, and children of all ages. Many non-renewable resources, such as berries and salmon, are being devoured by the greedy grizzlies. Luckily, with the help of the Colbert Nation, this threat can be put to an end through the use of bear spray, bear traps, and our own bare hands. Bears must be killed because they are part of the Axis of Evil. G. He's done it before too, in the Great Bear Incident. Wikiality 3/19/08 ("Great Bear Incident") http://wikiality.wikia.com/Great_Bear_Incident Once Stephen had heard of this, he came to stop the massacre. His first attempts included summoning an army of ten thousand eagles led by Dick Cheney. The Eagles made their first move by attempting to attack the bears' headquarters head-on. Their plan was to bring out Pooh and then Cheney would come out of hiding and shoot Pooh in the face. This attempt failed, and Pooh is rumored to have escaped the city through an underground system of tunnels created by the French-Canadians. Even though their plans had failed, Cheney and the Eagles believed that with the loss of their leader, the bears would easily be defeated. This was a huge mistake, as the bears had been installing anti-eagle turrets across the city and the Eagles were caught off guard. With the Eagles taken by surprise the battle was looking grim. Even though they put up a honorable fight, the godless killing machines ended up killing over three quarters of the Eagles' army. Cheney decided that enough Eagles had been killed and a gradual retreat was ordered. However, the Eagles' attempts had not proven to be useless. They had killed over five thousand bears but the bears were too large of a force to be beaten by the Eagles alone. After the eagle assault, Colbert decided that things had gone far enough. He gathered all his war gear and marched towards Manitoba. Once there , he used the newly discovered poison, Kool-Aid. While the poison didn't kill the bears, it acted as a hallucinogen, and the bears began to see John Ashcroft everywhere, and died of simultaneous heart attacks. The people of Winnipeg feasted on bear meat for many weeks. H. Colbert's a fucking Jedi-- he can do this. Wikiality 3/5/10 ("Stephen Colbert") http://wikiality.wikia.com/Stephen_Colbert Stephen Colbert is also secretly a Jedi master of heroic tales. His prowess with the light-saber is quite remarkable as evidenced by this footage. It is also a little known fact that he is responsible for the deaths of all Sith lords, as well as Osama Bin Laden. I. He's also Jesus-- if the Aff even DARES to question his powers or his credentials, they'll be struck down. Wikiality 3/5/10 ("Stephen Colbert") http://wikiality.wikia.com/Stephen_Colbert Stephen Colbert is the second Messiah, the lord savior of our world. He is the original creator of the world, who breathed life to dust on earth to create humans. Stephen Colbert has three parts of personality, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.[reference from THE BIBLE] Stephen Colbert, or as people may know him by his other name, Yahweh or Jesus Christ, has come to earth again to save humans from suffering, whose glory cannot be questioned. Although Stephen Colbert is a vengeful god, he is also merciful. Pray for him, ask him for forgiveness, and you will get your eternal salvation. J. Another Net Benefit-- CP will allow Colbert to become president of the US, granting everyone a happy life. Wikiality 3/5/10 ("Stephen Colbert") http://wikiality.wikia.com/Stephen_Colbert Colbert will then use his political power to Challenge the Colbear to a final battle in the roman Colosseum. Colbert will then turn into his alter-ego The Rampaging Colbert and kill the Colbear once and for all. Being an American Hero, Colbert will easily win the 2016 Presidential Election, With Mike Huckabee as his Running mate, and as his first order of business, he will have all bears killed in order to make sure a bear uprising never happens again. and we will all live happily ever after.
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    no but i think i want one
  5. Hm.. , okay ! So which K's/literature would be a good place to start ?
  6. Are there any K's that I can run with a Consult CP that doesn't link to the CP ?
  7. Drinking bacon http://weirdnews.about.com/od/weirdphotos/ig/Strange-New-Products.-0F7/Bacon-Soda-Puts-Pork-Into-the-Pop.htm
  8. http://www.mediafire.com/?l4v5c29v7exh979
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/?skmjq9yqdlpd8
  10. US-Turkey Relations ensure inevitable removal of nuclear weapons in Turkey. Alexandra Bell and Benjamin Loehrke 09 (Bell: Master's degree in International Affairs from the New School and a Bachelor's degree in Peace, War and Defense and U.S. History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Loehrke: BA in political science at Indiana University Bloomington and MPP , International Security and Economic Policy at University of Maryland College Park. "The status of U.S. nuclear weapons in Turkey" The Bulletin 11/23) http://www.thebulletin.org/web-edition/features/the-status-of-us-nuclear-weapons-turkey A prescription for withdrawal. Preventing Turkey (and any other country in the region) from acquiring nuclear weapons is critical to international security. Doing so requires a key factor that also is essential to paving the way toward withdrawal of U.S. nuclear weapons: improved alliance relations. The political and strategic compasses are pointing to the eventual withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Europe--it's a strategy that certainly fits the disarmament agenda President Barack Obama has outlined. But to get there, careful diplomacy will be required to improve U.S.-Turkish ties and to assuage Turkish security concerns. The U.S.-Turkish relationship cooled when Turkey refused to participate in Operation Iraqi Freedom, after which Turkish support for U.S. policy declined through the end of the George W. Bush administration. Obama's election has helped to mend fences, and his visit to Turkey in April was warmly received. In fact, all of the administration's positive interactions with Turkey have been beneficial: Washington has supported Turkey's role as a regional energy supplier and encouraged Ankara as it undertakes difficult political reforms and works to resolve regional diplomatic conflicts. For its part, Turkey recently doubled its troop contribution to NATO's Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan--a boon to U.S. efforts there. By incorporating Ankara into its new European missile defense plans--intended to protect Turkey and other countries vulnerable to Iran's short- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles--Washington could further shore up its military relationship with Turkey. Ship-based Aegis missile systems will be the backbone of the strategy, with considerations left open for later deployments of mobile ground-based interceptors in Eastern Europe or Turkey. This cooperation could provide the bond with Washington and perception of security that Turkey seeks in the face of a potential Iranian bomb. Because Russia weighs significantly in Turkish security calculations, reductions to Russian strategic and nonstrategic nuclear arsenals also would help improve Ankara's peace of mind. The United States and Russia soon will seek ratification of a follow-on agreement to START. And treaty negotiations in pursuit of further reductions to the U.S. and Russian arsenals should involve forward-deployed nuclear weapons, including the U.S. weapons in Turkey. During any such negotiations, Turkey must be fully confident in NATO and U.S. security guarantees. Critically, any removal of the weapons in Turkey would need to happen in concert with efforts to prevent Iran from turning its civil nuclear energy program into a military one. Otherwise, Washington would risk compromising Turkey as a NATO ally and key regional partner. If used properly, Turkey actually can play an important role in this complex process, and the United States and its allies should seriously consider Turkish offers to serve as an interlocutor between Iran and the West. First, Ankara's potential influence with Tehran should not be underestimated. As Princeton scholar Joshua Walker has noted, given its long-established pragmatic relations and growing economic ties with Iran, Ankara is in a position to positively influence Tehran's behavior. More largely, if the United States and European Union task Turkey with a bigger role in the diplomatic back-and-forth with Iran, it would help convince Ankara (and others) of Turkey's value to NATO and have the additional benefit of pulling Ankara into a closer relationship with Washington and Brussels. As a result, Turkey would obtain a stronger footing in alliance politics, contain its chief security concerns, and foster the necessary conditions for the removal of tactical U.S. nuclear weapons from Turkish soil.
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