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  1. I am a hs sophomore policy debater on my school's varsity team. I have gone to camp twice (GDI novice, and then SDI 4wk) and after my first tournament of the school year, I am finding that I can't stand CX. It isn't that I don't love debating.... Last year was fun because novices just weren't that good, didn't talk too fast, and there wasn't as much jargon because nobody understood it anyways. There was less work because our coach did our files. We won all the time and it felt great to win and to be a part of a community. I love my team, and I love my name in the school paper when I win. I also liked the topic last year because I think poverty is an interesting topic. I don't care about military presence that much, and in policy the arguments about war don't even have anything to do with logic or common knowledge, but a whole bunch of stuff that crazy people write on their blogs. I hate all the jargon and the fact that policy has very little real world application. Last year my team ran this ind of k/performance aff which I thought was fun, and I'm finding that I find actual policy affs really boring. My tournament yesterday, either went 2-4 or 3-3 (not sure) an that is WITH a BYE! I haven't been reading a lot or anything because I have no time or motivation to do so. The coaches say I need to do debate an hour a day at home, but the thought of it makes me want to shoot myself. I want to argue about things that have real world application. I want to sound smart when I talk to older people about my debate topics. I don't want to spend my time debating CPs and DAs and weird K authors and all these weird words like "ontology first" and whatever. I just want to argue, and make smart logical arguments about things that have real world application, and things I care about. Also, while I love to argue, there are other things I like to do more, that I want to spend more time on, and policy just doesn't give me the time to do all the things I really want to do. If I HAD to cut one of my ECs out, it would be debate, just because I enjoy music/drama more, and as I get more serious about that, I need to dedicate more time to it. I don't really plan on debating in college at this point either, so I don't see the point in just working and working on it, especially when my team doesn't even debate the national circuit. I feel bad about telling my parents because they spent so much money for me to go to camp, and then if I switch I need to tell my partner, which will go over terribly, and my coaches, which would probably also go over terribly. But I'm just not happy and I have no passion for CX anymore. I don't even care if I win or lose, or about any of the speeches in the debate. Does this often happen to people between novice and varsity years? My main question is whether I should switch to LD or PF. I think the LD topics seem more interesting, but I've heard that LD still spreads, they still have theory and CPs and DAs... how is it different other than there being one person? PF sounds interesting too, and I like the fact that the debate is slow, and based on lots of logical arguments, but in order to debate PF I need a partner, and my partner, like many CX debaters has Policy snobbery and thinks all other forms of debate are below her (actually, most of the team feels this way, another reason why I'm hesitant to switch or talk to my coach about it.) What should I do? Someone want to fill me in on CX vs. LD vs. PF? Thanks
  2. Thanks. Based on everything I've read on here, I decided to go to SDI 4 week this summer. This kind of just verified my choice.
  3. I am going to be a sophomore in high school next year, and it will be my second year debating. I mostly debated novice this year, except I debated JV at Berkeley, and I am going to debate at two open tournaments in March. I am definitley going to go to a 4 week camp this summer, but I'm not totally sure yet and I want to make my choice really soon. I went to GDI 2 week novice last summer, and I don't want to go to GDI again, not because it was bad, just I want to go somewhere else. I think I am looking mainly at SDI 4 week or UMich Classic. Which is better? Are there any other really good camps I should look at? My coach mentioned Dartmouth and Northwestern as having really good staff as well. Also, is it bad that I mostly debated novice this year? Should I wait to get my records for my the open tournaments so I can give them to the camps, or does it matter? Also, the camp needs to start in July.
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