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  1. Has anyone received the invite yet?
  2. Has anyone recieved the invite yet?
  3. So if you don't know, the former Creek-East tournament split this year. There are now going to be two tournaments, one hosted at East/GW, another hosted at Creek. I understand that this will probably split some of the competition, since they are held on the same weekend. Just out of curiosity, who is planning on going to each?
  4. Creek Clark/Ribovich won the play-in round on a 2-1. The panel was Macdonald, Rusk, and Mauro. Rusk sat
  5. That would be Lael. He has told multiple judges to"get off his nuts"
  6. 1. Best Varsity Team- Kent Moore/LaFontant 2. Best Novice team-Creek Greos/Robb 3. Most Underrated debater: Sarah Pierce 4. Best Squad-GW 5. Best Affirmative Team- Kent Moore/Lafontant 6. Best 1A-none really stand out 7. Best 2A-Miles Owens or Tony 8. Best Negative Team- Hank and Ben 9. Best 1N-Diane Schulze 10. Best 2N-Hank Clark 11. Prettiest Speaker- Attractiveness or speaking style? Either way its Ben Ribovich 12. Fastest Debater- Diane Schulze 13. Most likely to do well next year- hopefully creek 14. Person most likely to graduate and judge-I don't really know. Whoever goes in state 15. Best Judge- Beach 16. Coach of the year- I wouldn't really know, but I assume it's Sobetski because I always see him running around and prepping out the GW horde 17. Best K debater- Hank Clark 18. Best Counterplan debater- Sarah Pierce 19. Best T debater – This year's rez wasn't great for T. And our aff was hella topical so we never really saw it. 20. Best partnership: Psh Diane and I. BFFs 21. Most Untopical case: Task Force 373. its like 15 people. or JSOC 22. Best negative position: Embassy PIC and START ptix 23. Funniest off case position you saw: Geisha K. Or Love K. seriously GW 24. Favorite tourney: Creek East 25. Least favorite tourney: Golden-Mullen 26. Scariest Debater: Tanner 27. Funniest Debater/Coach/Judge: Probably Tres Pittman, but only when he isn't hitting us. "What is conditionality?" 28. Senior you will miss most: Meh
  7. This is kind of last minute, but it would be really cool if any former debaters or coaches would come and judge at the state qualifiers tournament this weekend at Standley Lake High School. Its not a big cx tournament, so I'm relatively certain that there will be few if any cx judges there as of right now. If anyone is interested they should contact Marti Benham. Thanks
  8. if your novices run aspec and social service means plural they deserve to lose
  9. this was on a friend on mine's ballots (they were neg) you and your partner had completely different strategies in the block on top of this your neg strat is as slimy and unethically pompous as your bowties (they wear matching bow ties to tournaments) he voted for the "gov" team
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