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  1. I'm pretty sure Maine East is still going to be held, just in a different capacity/still retaining the bids in this different capacity.
  2. Thanks Bill! One other question-your NDCA wiki page has 69 teams on it, Solt's TOC Field Report has 70 teams, James Logan appears to not be on your wiki but on the Field Report. Also, aren't their 72 teams who get accepted?
  3. Bill, what do you mean by "team rankings"? Is it where you are either an A, B, or C, and hit one of each in 3 presets like Blake? Or is it where a team with 3 bids will have a substantially harder preset than a team with 7?
  4. Who got the other one, assuming there is only one more slot?
  5. Getting back to what Brian had originally brought up-there have been 6 at-larges granted. If, there are no more, which very well might not be the case, then that means, assuming the aformentioned HP PY/Law Magnet CS drops are true, that there are 71 teams going to the TOC. If the Bellarmine drop is also true, then there are 70 teams going, meaning that some on the wait list can be added.
  6. Is there only one more at-large that we don't know about then? Were there 7 slots? What happens now if 2-3 teams qualify at Lakeland? Just, 75 teams go to the TOC? Or do teams get disinvited?
  7. Is there a team list for this?
  8. Was there ever a team list for this?
  9. Is this a finals bid?
  10. I thought if you got a first round then you could have two teams qualify out of districts? Ya, because NU had 3 teams last year, FW, MS, GF, but was that different because they had 2 first rounds?
  11. Does anybody know who has qualled out of the district tournaments so far/how are the district tournaments going this weekend?
  12. Kullin22

    Reality Check

    I find it somewhat humerous that if you look at the original poster's other posts, they almost all revolve around Call of Duty 2. Hmmmm........let's see, COD 2, obsessive-drive-you-away from your friends and family ish? No, not at all.....
  13. Does Lakeland still have its semis bid with the move?
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