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  1. Not really. I don't have much time for sleep. Kinda why I'm late with our Vdebate haha.

  2. Well if you are, I'm in town and I'm trying to set up a policy debate round with someone because I would hate to do an IE all day and the people from our school won't debate me seriously. So let me know. CX: 1) Do the theoretical issues of the perms hold weight on the JCS counterplan if it's been kicked? 2) When did I claim a voting issue on framework? 3) If the advantage isn't talked about (Afghanistan) does it matter? 4) Where do the Bandow and the Innocent evidence speak specifically of a collapse of Pakistan for the loose nukes scenario. 5) Did the Pakistan flood lead to a collapse of the government and end of US support/credibility? 6) Ok so does the Silvernman evidence take the instability scenario and talk in context of a negative view towards withdrawal? Does it it only take the stance that withdrawal is bad and lead to insecurities? 7) Ok so the new Fair evidence, does it predicate the damage done by drones that caused a merge between the Pakistan army and the Taliban? Same with the Taj and the following Fair. 8) Ok so more troops go in. Do you ever claim an Impact directly in your speech? 9) So what terror and insurgency like in the mountains? 10) Explain the US Imperialism argument from Taj. 11) What's the uniqueness evidence from the 1NC on the CMR 12) Specifically warrant where the Barton evidence links CMR to Pak collapse. 13) So back in 03 it was claimed CMR solves terror. Why hasn't this eliminated terrorism? 14) So any slip right? This is the Ackerman evidence. 15) Where does the Cooper evidence prove China hege will increase? 16) Who's the biggest influence in East Asia right now? 17) Are troops in Soko in the stat quo? Haha, I thought we're stuck with uniqueness from prior to the 1AC
  3. CX later, but quick question. Raghav, are you going to Warner Robins' tournament next month?
  4. Yo dude, do you sleep? lol

  5. The framework interprets, on this particular DA, you have to defend that and other withdrawals that are planned in the relative timeframe
  6. no, the case is isolated in way that the scenarios are specific and the necessary action to solve for the harms would be to do the plan. There's no status quo actions in congress or planned to reduce drones in the near future. The actual harms we isolate are mindful of time like civilian casualties or furthering the drone war. If the case were something less strict and time would solve it because it's already planned and proposed, then yes, plan would be inevitable, but as stated it's not that scenario with the aff plan. You can kick the d.a for the purpose of not losing the flow, but we say you'll have to realistically defend the status quo, like in terms of the politics d.a. Other politics could derail it. Same with budget DA, spending trades off all the time and uniqueness hinders the DA links. sorry if it's kind of fuzzy, I'm multitasking with homework and such
  7. Sorry about my extreme lateness. Anyway, order is T, Pakistan, SKFTA, Budget DA, JCS, Disclosure http://www.mediafire.com/?qmke3t0gzac9bg9
  8. oh geez I forgot. sorry. I haven't had time to work on it, and I doubt I will have time to finish the debate. If I can post within the next few days, though past time, I'll finish this out.
  9. Quick heads up, 2AC will be up within the next few day due to schedule conflicts, i.e. school and State prep.
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