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  1. From La Costa Canyon: Jacob Leonard: Cal Berkeley Hannah Oh: Claremont McKenna Arrol Fulton: USC
  2. Southern California NFL District: 1.) La Costa Canyon - Arrol Fulton and Hannah Oh 2.) La Costa Canyon - Jacob Leonard and Jacob Goldschlag
  3. leonardjp


    San Diego Imperial Valley Forensic League La Costa Canyon Fulton / Oh La Costa Canyon Leonard / Goldschlag San Dieguito Academy Menhennet / Swit San Dieguito Academy ?? / ?? Carlsbad Nawmann / Shoopman
  4. How does one go about entering into a tournament as an independent, and is it different from being associated with a school?
  5. Are you allowed to judge one year out of high school? isn't the rule 2 years minimum?
  6. http://vimeo.com/23224150
  7. leonardjp


    did anybody manage to record a prelim round?
  8. Southern California: 1.) San Dieguito- Michael Wimsatt & Elliot Horen 2.) La Costa Canyon- Jacob Leonard & Jonathan Barsky
  9. I have a handful of novices preparing to go to camp, and wanting the most successful year of debate next year. They will all be seniors, and will obviously be wanting to make up for lost time. What camps would be good for a novice trying to become immediately competitive on the national circuit, and would going to 2 camps give them an advantage over just one?
  10. http://www.joyoftournaments.com/il/glenbrooks/custom/warmroom.asp?e=88333
  11. You.


    Yeah, you.


    How are you doing at USC?

  12. Anybody know where the results packet is?
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