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  1. I wrote a simple little macro to count the number of words that need to be spread in a particular document. It counts words that are either Highlighted or bold and not underlined. The macro then outputs the number of words, the amount of time it takes to spread at a particular speed in words per minute and the speed at which you would have to speak to complete the document in a given speech (high school times). Not sure if this is useful for anyone but I've found it helpful for both guessing how much I can fit in the 1NC/2NC and for measuring my improvement when I do speed drills every evening. It's not in a template or anything and you need to be somewhat not incompetent to add it to your current macros. You also have to manually set your reading speed because I am too lazy to code anything more exciting. Also, this removes hyperlinks from the document because they mess with the wordcount, if that's a problem you can edit the code yourself. Sub SpreadCount() ' ' SpreadCount Macro ' ' Dim rngWords As Range Set rngWords = ActiveDocument.Content Dim boldCount As Long, highlightCount As Long Dim wordTotal As Long Dim DelCount As Long, i Dim Speed As Long Dim Rate As Double Speed = 400' EDIT THIS LINE TO YOUR OWN READING SPEED IN WPM(300-350 is average)' With ActiveDocument.Styles("Hyperlink").Font .Underline = 0 .Color = wdColorAutomatic End With With ActiveDocument.Content For i = .Hyperlinks.Count To 1 Step -1 If .Hyperlinks(i).Address > "" Then .Hyperlinks(i).Range.Font.Color = 0 .Hyperlinks(i).Range.Font.Underline = 0 .Hyperlinks(i).Delete DelCount = DelCount + 1 End If Next i End With Do With rngWords.Find .Highlight = True .Forward = True .Execute End With If rngWords.Find.Found = True Then highlightCount = highlightCount + rngWords.ComputeStatistics(wdStatisticWords) Else Exit Do End If Loop Set rngWords = ActiveDocument.Content Do With rngWords.Find .Font.Bold = True .Highlight = False .Font.Underline = wdUnderlineNone .Forward = True .Execute End With If rngWords.Find.Found = True Then boldCount = boldCount + rngWords.ComputeStatistics(wdStatisticWords) Else Exit Do End If Loop wordTotal = boldCount + highlightCount Rate = wordTotal / Speed If (CInt((Rate - Round(Rate - 0.5)) * 60)) < 10 Then MsgBox "There are " & wordTotal & " words to be spread " & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & "That's " & Round(Rate - 0.5) & ":0" & CInt((Rate - Round(Rate - 0.5)) * 60) & " at " & Speed & " wpm" & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & "You must speak at " & CInt(wordTotal / 8) & " wpm if a constructive and " & CInt(wordTotal / 5) & " wpm if a rebuttal" Else MsgBox "There are " & wordTotal & " words to be spread " & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & "That's " & Round(Rate - 0.5) & ":" & CInt((Rate - Round(Rate - 0.5)) * 60) & " at " & Speed & " wpm" & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & "You must speak at " & CInt(wordTotal / 8) & " wpm if a constructive and " & CInt(wordTotal / 5) & " wpm if a rebuttal" End If End Sub
  2. Updated links for each topic are below - they do not include the files listed in my previous post - so far as I know, those are lost forever. Africa Alternative Energy Civil Liberties National Service Poverty UN Hope this helps!
  3. Went through all of the links to mirror them for the sake of backups. The following files are missing (a bunch died in the megaupload raid). I'll try to post a link to my mirrored copies that way the ones in OP don't continue to die. 2009 - Georgetown, Poverty 2009 - SDI, Poverty 2008 - ADI, Alt energy 2008 - Berkley, Alt energy 2008 - Baylor, Alt energy 2008 - DDI KO Gen, Alt energy 2008 - DDW, Alt energy 2008 - GDI, Alt energy 2008 - JDI, Alt energy 2008 - Marquette, Alt energy 2008 - Michigan, Alt energy 2008 - Northwestern, Alt energy 2008 - UMKC, Alt Energy 2008 - UNT, Alt Energy 2007 - Baylor, Africa 2007 - Concordia, Africa 2007 - DDI Generics, Africa 2007 - DDI CM, Africa 2007 - DDI CP, Africa 2007 - DDI BQ, Africa 2007 - DDW 1, Africa 2007 - MUDI, Africa 2007 - SDI 2-4, Africa 2007 - TSDC, Africa 2007 - URNDI, Africa 2007 - Wake, Africa 2006 - DDI1, National Service 2006 - DDI2, National Service 2006 - DDI 3, National Service 2006 - DDI 4, National Service 2006 - DDI 5, National Service 2006 - Michigan 7-week 1, National Service 2006 - Michigan 7-week 2, National Service 2006 - Michigan 7-week 3, National Service 2006 - Michigan 7-week 4, National Service 2006 - MNDI, National Service 2006 - MSDI, National Service 2006 - SDSU, National Service 2006 - UMKC, National Service 2006 - WDI, National Service 2006 - WDW, National Service 2005 - Michigan 2, Civil Liberties 2005 - Northwestern 1, Civil Liberties 2005 - Northwestern 3, Civil Liberties 2005 - Northwestern 4, Civil Liberties 2005 - SDI 2, Civil Liberties 2005 - Wake Forest, Civil Liberties 2005 - WNDI, Civil Liberties 2004 - WNDI, UN 2003 - Capitol Classing Washington 1, Oceans 2003 - Dartmouth Juniors2, Oceans 2003 - Gonzaga 2, Oceans 2003 - Kentucky2, Oceans 2003 - Kentucky4, Oceans
  4. So, working with a bunch of camp files at once to put together a case neg, I copied and pasted decent looking cards / blocks into one big file and from there would polish everything up and cut cards to fill in the holes. However I knew that, as a result of my haphazard grabbing everything related to a particular aff and throwing it into a file I had some duplicate cards lying around in there. I wanted to remove them without having to remember which cards I did or did not have. Originally I though "regular expression time!" However, that didn't work out so well, as I only found paragraphs that were immediately next to each other or the search took so long it crashed word. So then I thought "macros!" however that also didn't work out so well other than in that it made me realize exactly how much I hated VBA. Finally I came up with a 100%-GUI work around that took an absurd amount of time but eventually worked. This is what I did: 1) Copy the entire file into excel 2) Use Excel's data functions to remove duplicates 3) Copy all of that into a word document 4) Convert the table to plain text 5) Save this new word document and then use the "Compare" feature to find the removed paragraphs 6) Go through each revision one at a time to find what was actually supposed to be removed and what was a cite/other thing 7) Make relevant revisions 8) ??? 9) Profit So, that's 9 tedious and inelegant steps between having duplicate cards and profiting, can anyone think of a way to do it in less?
  5. I've always wanted to just build a linux-distro/fork designed to be used exclusively for debate but I doubt I have the tech-skills/time to do it. I think that while word is nice most of the issue with writing debate macros is that they have to be so contrived, to build a debate system from the ground up could eliminate a lot of that, the amount of work it would take is too much for me right now though, perhaps when I have time to learn more...
  6. I create a new set of tubs for every tournament based off the old set so that I don't accidentally undo work and I have "old" versions of all my files. That said, dropbox doesn't provide enough space so I use dropbox for my current tournament, use 7zip "Ultra"-compression to size down my old tub-sets and store the 5 most recent tournaments compressed on drop-box. The rest are uploaded to various file-storage services (google docs, media-fire, box.net etc). I *never* save debate files on my computer without having an internet backup somewhere, I've had too many computer-problems to feel comfortable with that.
  7. Drop-box is excellent. Just don't use one dropbox for the entire squad. Having each team use a separate drop-box account for the two of them to share "tubs" means that it is much less likely to lead to someone accidentally deleting files from the squad drop-box and everyone else on the team losing stuff. Also, drop-box is good because your partner can instantly have access to your prepped files as well and there is only one version of each file between two teammates so there is no risk of getting confused about which version has the "correct" highlighting.
  8. Here is a useful little program I put together, it's really just a batch file wrapped in a *.exe and doesn't do anything profound. I was getting really tired of going through word documents one at a time to close them and getting all of these "do you want to save?" messages when I was quite certain that I didn't want to save any of the changes made to the 30+ files I had open by the end of a round. This program just forces all Word documents to close. It's effectively the same as going into task-manager and ending the task for "word" but you can stick it on your desktop and be happy. It only works with windows. I know it works with word 07 and word 10, not sure about 2003 if anyone is using that. Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kbch3evqhho38m0/Clean-Up.exe
  9. Main board is still down so I am bumping in hopes that an Admin notices... *Seems* to be a harmless vandalization but if you use your CX password for something important it might be worth changing it just in case there is more to this Kha&miX-attack than meets the eye
  10. pavja2

    Mac Template

    Look into Parallels or Bootcamp for Mac, that is the best way to go about it. If you must use OSXthen try this template for office 08: http://www.whitman.edu/rhetoric/tech/ApplescriptPaperlessMacros1.0.zip
  11. I always hear that there are "no rules in debate", and this seems to be true (excepting some federal/state laws that apply during rounds as well). I have never seen a "rule-book" for debate that prohibits in round research and now with laptops springing up all over tournaments it is troubling to think of all the "in-round research" and even "in-round coaching" (over g-chat and such) that could very well be going on. While on one hand having teams that can do some last minute research on the things that hit assures a greater quality each round, it also limits the advantage of having a new or unexpected aff. So what does you all think? Should the use of Google and other Search engines be allowed in Debate rounds? Should the use of the internet be allowed in Debate rounds? Or should debate have an official rule created banning both? Do teams have to disclose when they use Google and open themselves up to theory arguments, or do you need to spy on the other team to catch them and enforce the unspoken "no-google rule" with a voter?
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  13. Funny thing is that I prepped out answers to Wipeout and give back the land just in case I hit dexter...Oh well, hopefully I will make a better showing at camp (UMich 4 week) and next year and I'm sorry to hear you all didn't break, you were definitely good enough to.
  14. Just so everyone knows Westminster PV (me), didn't manage to break we went 4-2, one loss was just stupidity on our part (7 off and case is not always a good strat when your partner is slow, going for all of it in the block is REALLY stupid), the other loss however the RFD was a little less legit. Still the St. Marks team that beat us deserved to break so its ok and I've won on sub-par RFDs before (RVIs on T with 30 speaks I might add) so I guess its Karma... Also, good luck to Hooch KK, I'll feel better about dropping to you all at UGA if you end up being the best novices in the country
  15. pavja2

    Make a playlist

    1. 2. 3. "Kakariko Village" 4. 5. Hands to Boag (a love song about web standards) 6. CSS Descramble Joe 7. Just loop it 1.42857143 times to get my top ten
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