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  1. Sorry, been busy the past couple days. Here's cross-x. 1. Your CCH evidence says reduce includes eliminate. Doesn't that mean there could be other ways to have a reduction? 2. How would you lose ground from a 99% reduction compared to a total one? 3. Why would you research neg on the word eliminate when the resolution says reduce? 4. Explain the first card on the K. 5. What are rhizomeatic politics? 6. Will there be PMCs in the world of the alt? 7. Your Giroux evidence says that individual rejection is key. How do we not solve for this when in the 1ac we claim solvency off our personal rejection of neoliberalism? 8. Is the state inherently evil or is it only when we acknowledge it as a neutral subject that that is bad? 9. Does the alt do anything to permanently change state power?
  2. Same as our political strategy, to reject security. And DML that's cool.
  3. Our Cutler evidence indicates that a mixture of reps and policymaking creates the perfect playing field for developing theory which in the context of the aff is the best method for political change.
  4. I'm cool with 3000/1500. Here's the 1AC. It's not highlighted but the cut down version has never been a problem. Cx whenever. http://www.mediafire.com/?x1s62f27f53zn2l
  5. CRusso


    You'll have to have some pretty specific args on both sides though. Terminal defense on the DA would probably outweigh the timeframe args.
  6. I just joined debate last year, so what was Missouri debate like back when there 150+ teams at tournaments? Was circuit style predominately used or was it more lay debate? I'm just curious what MO debate looked like in its golden age.
  7. Check out the Neocleous cards on DMLs aff. 10x cooler.
  8. If it's OK with you guys I'll judge. I'm cool with most args. If you go critical, explain why I should evaluate your framework, really just do a good lbl and impact calc.
  9. DAMN YOU SPECIFIER FOR STEALING PREP TIME IN A VDEBATE YOU ARE THE BIGGEST DOUCHE IN THE WORLD!!! No for real, ignore the jackass above. Whenever you get it posted, it's cool. This is a v-debate, not the TOC.
  10. Saw that this was being made for other camps - Who's going this year/ will be working? I know a lot of last year's seniors will debating there this year,
  11. http://www.mediafire.com/?7macqfgumw6hlr8 Good round man. Oder is framework, K, case.
  12. CRusso

    debating pics?

    What is this pics bad theory, you speak of?
  13. CRusso

    debating pics?

    The CP still does everything the 1AC does, it just changes a word in the plan text.Therefor, textually competitive. A CP that removed all drones except some random kind would be functionally competitive because the actual plan action is different. You should def be running textual competition bad theory btw.
  14. ZOMG You debate with Pouya! I'm cool as long as I get to talk about his mom in the block.
  15. It depends on the motivation for why we say it. If someones sticking a gun to my head and says say you'll kill Obama, the situation is drastically different from your example.
  16. CRusso


    Don't listen to him. Story of the Eye is a perfect book for any age.
  17. Japan would see the withdrawal from SOKO as a weakness to our overall commitment in the region and that we might withdraw from Japan soon. This would make them develop bombs for their own security.
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