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    Can somebody explain sinthomosexuality? I can follow Edelman somewhat up until this point. The way I see it is obsession with future becomes desire - creates the other - leads to death - but how exactly does "fucking the queer" or rejecting this mode of futurism prevent it? Basically can someone explain Edelman's alternative?
  2. Yeah I saw that and fixed it. It wasn't letting me upload unless I was logged in for some reason. I just edited the link.
  3. Here's the 1AC. Some of it's highlighted, some isn't. If it's a problem I can highlight it down.http://www.mediafire.com/?7ykud54k89b53a5 Cross-x whenever.
  4. I'll be reading the policymaker version. If you still want to judge it won't be as cool but I'm definitely fine with you.
  5. Oh and don't be an asshole. http://www.globalissues.org/article/26/poverty-facts-and-stats
  6. This was a legitimate argument in Missouri debate last year. Soo many lay judges loved the idea that people chose to live a life in poverty. In answer to the question, I assume you know what capitalism is, but neoliberalism is a specific type of capitalism, that can best be compared to Laissez Faire, unregulated capitalism. In economics, liberal and conservative are switched, conservative referring to a more government regulated economy, and liberal referring to market controlled. A neoliberal economy, refers specifically to an instance in which the free market not only is unregulated by the federal government, but also dictates political decisions based on economic interests, instead of the government controlling the free market. People will argue this is bad(which it is) because it as Rarcat mentioned, can lead to bills that allow business to run sweat shops, create shanty towns. In a simple phrase, private industry profit maximization becomes the sole focus of government politics, including over human life. You should really read the Santos article or any of Giroux's material. Milton Freedman is another author you should probably look into. You can almost make the argument that some forms of capitalism are good, but in the instance of neoliberalism, it is bad. And PMCs are the biggest component of neoliberalism. Btw guys - Cap is good. It's k2 tech duh
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    K ground

    This is practically the same logic that Deleuze should right a book about how reducing military presence is an example of the Oedipal mindset. The purpose of Heidegger is how we view ontology only through the lens of technology and that's bad. The dude's not going to come right out and say "increasing space development is bad and that leads to genocide", you're going to have to do some work applying his actual criticism of technology which is damn good on this topic.
  8. Sieggy Bennicoff Yundt - This guy knows debate like no one else and is just damn cool.
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    Ozark NFL

    Additional text.
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    Ozark NFL

    Idk why the link on the main page isn't working. Here's a good one. http://wiki.debatecoaches.org/2010-2011+%E2%80%94+Springfield+Central+(MO)+%E2%80%94++Clayton+Russo+%26+Chris+Williams
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    Ozark NFL

    Might seem redundant after the MSHAA thread, but I think the teams will be different. Anyway, here's Central. Sieggy correct me if anythings different. Sieggy/Brittany - Japan - relations, deterrence John/Kelsey - Same Clayton/Chris - PMCs - Stability, HR, Flow the aff is on the wiki. David/Devin - PMCs - Stability, rape
  12. It's fine down here in Springfield, but I here it's supposed to start tomorrow. As of now though I'm pretty sure shits on.
  13. I talked to Griffin. Parkview's running SOKO with China Modernization and NK war advantages.
  14. 2 common ways(there are many others) are that A. Their impacts are inevitable in a capitalist system - The plan works through capitalism which guarantees policy failure, and leads to more violence or genocide. B. The K will have a value to life argument, or epistemology, that we should embrace other impacts over extinction.
  15. Who's going/running what? This is Central to my knowledge Brittany/Sieggy - Japan deterrence/relations Kelsey/John - Japan^^ Clayton/Chris - PMCs Afghanistan, stability/heg on lay, security on flow.
  16. 6. Won't there still have to be state action to get them removed? 9. What does the state look like though post plan? How does our individual perspective of the state change power?
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