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  1. This probably sounds dumb, but does anybody have a decent payroll file they'd be willing to trade? Not necessarily uniqueness but blocks, overview, etc. I have lots of K backfiles and topic files to trade. Just PM me.
  2. You're fine too. I've been prepping all week for a tournament anyways.
  3. Sorry for the delay. Order is T, Solvency, A1, A2, Theory, CP, Politics, Heidegger, security. http://www.mediafire.com/?16d2cu238gbins1 Open for cross-x
  4. Thanks, it's fun to read. Nah I'm good on questions. 2ac should be up tonight or tomorrow morning. And I'm cool with Spencer judging.
  5. Ok here goes T 1. What DAs or CPs do you lose ground to? 2. What affs are topical under your interpretation? Status of the cp/ks? CP 1. Your text says congress "develop and implement a strategy ". What strategy will they be using? 2. What's the impact to your sanger card? 3. In your Ensinger evidence it says a combination of reduction and bipartisanship in congress are key to solving heg. How does the cp solve for bipartisanship? 4. Do you have a solvency advocate for the cp? 5. Does the CP solve the 2nd advantage? Politics 1. How does Obama solve Middle East war now? Heidegger 1. How do I inspire technological thought? 2. What is being? 3. What does being matter in a world where we're all dead? 4. Does the alt solve the aff? 5. How does doing nothing solve calculable thought? Security 1. Your Mellor evidence talks about a "super weapon" causing this self fulfilling prophecy. How does the aff relate to this? 2. How does simply rejecting security create a paradigm shift? 3. If threats are real shouldn't we do something to stop it? 4. How does the alt solve outside of this debate round? Heg 1. Is there a transition to multipolarity now? If so what evidence do you read that it is? 2. Does a multipolar world solve middle east world? 3. What does a multipolar world look like?
  6. Here's the 1AC. Post Cross-x whenever. http://www.mediafire.com/?c7fpwuekcgeb71a
  7. Yo, looking to go aff or neg on the space topic. If anyone's interested message me. Preferably a fast debate.
  8. yeah my bad here's the full site. Their evidence is wrong and outdated – US leadership is inevitable and growing relative power will only strengthen the international liberal order to ensure lasting peace. Ikenberry, 11 – (May/June issue of Foreign Affairs, G. John, PhD, Albert G. Milbank Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University in the Department of Politics and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, “The Future of the Liberal World Order,†http://www.foreignaffairs.com/ articles/67730/g-john-ikenberry/the-future-of-the-liberal-world-order?page=show DH) Pronouncements of American decline miss the [...] . But it can still lead.
  9. Can anybody post a cutting/card of the Ikenberry evidence from Foreign affairs that says Their evidence is wrong and outdated – US leadership is inevitable and growing relative power will only strengthen the international liberal order to ensure lasting peace. Much appreciated, and thank you in advance.
  10. How well would this work with affirmatives like SPS? It seems the aff could say they solve by establishing renewable energy, taking out the entire resources part of the turn.
  11. Does anybody have a zip file of all the camp files they can post a link to?
  12. Can somebody please post a cutting of this card? Thank you in advance US economic leadership creates an incentives framework that prevents these wars from going nuclear—isolationism causes them Mandelbaum ‘5 – Professor and Director of the American Foreign Policy Program at Johns Hopkins – 2005 [Michael, The Case for Goliath: How America Acts As the World’s Government in the Twenty-First Century, p. 224]
  13. CRusso


    Tuckness said would go to it id there were other high schools. This is definitely whats up though.
  14. Does anybody want to trade for them? Or post a like to dropbox? It'd be much appreciated.
  15. CRusso


    Anyone have an Edelman K to trade? Or the aff from the poverty topic. Thanks in advance, have lots to trade. PM me or post here.
  16. OK take your time. I'm got a lot of school work going on too. Btw im cool with all the judges.
  17. Both the 1AC and 1NC believe modern politics is a one-sided instrument that the state controls for its own interests.
  18. No. Your argument is focusing on what people want, and the people wanted Obama, they elected him. That's gotta mean something. Even if it isn't much.
  19. The people were mad at Bush, they elected a new president. This shows we're moving in the right direction of a government that answers the people. And we'll argue that Obama's administration is not as oppressive as Bush's.
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