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  1. Too bad that evidence doesn't answer any of Kagan's warrants. Liberal media bullshit.
  2. Pathetic bump? I think one of my rounds is dead. I can go aff or neg
  3. 1. No but it'd roughly be between 300 and 500 million. 2. The 100% increase would result in the amount of funding to meet your definition. 1. This argument was more against your Chomsky evidence but China already has some democratic aspects and the spreading of democratic norms from the aff would allow for better cooperation. 2. If we didn't have mass immigration which helps our economy and a large number of allies to help with security the US could be declining, but these factors prevent us from having our economy and military collapse. 3. I'm saying that heg is inevitable, it's only a matter of how we make it effective - without the plan heg will still be there, it just won't be able to do anything. 1. No, when the evidence says green revolution it's talking about how there won't be this major mindset shift where we end consumption like your dedev is arguing for. A strong economy though allows us to make better decisions about the environment though and use the current system to stop warming. 2. ^^ 3. They're developing the technology to do so, but that's only one war scenario our evidence talks about. 4. Sure, the evidence talks about how that conflict though in the middle east would escalate and go global. It's best to just prevent it from happening. 1. The methodology behind the alternative endorses the same existential policies of Nazism by ceding all true ethical obligations. 2. Just because those problems exist on some level doesn't mean we should ignore them. Ignoring it would allow worst case scenarios to become inevitable. 3. The civil rights era, the invasion of Europe in WW2, the Arab Spring, those wouldn't be possible if we chose to do nothing but question things. 1. No. That evidence is critiquing your method for evaluating consequences because you reject scientific empiricism that's the only effective model. 2. We've always been using desire and we're still here and have still been able to solve problems with desire. 3. It's saying that the idea there's always a lack is Utopian in of itself.
  4. Here's the 2AC. http://www.mediafire.com/?w9tec3ax5wse4c4 In the time waiting for cross-x, enjoy this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FYXbXu45AQ&ob=av3e
  5. Really? You changed your name to Thack and you didn't read T against a clearly non-topical aff? Dumbass.
  6. T 1. When did I specify 197 million dollars? 2. Why is .5 billion a good definition for substantial? Lacan 1. On your Stein card, how does this function as a turns the case argument? 2. What happens when the judge votes neg? 3. Is war inevitable in the world of the alt? 4. How do we institutionalize the lack? 5. Status of both Ks?  6. Do you read any evidence that the threats of the 1AC specifically aren't objective? 7. What's the alt text? Heidegger 1. Why shouldn't we do anything in the face of danger? 2. How does doing nothing solve technological thought? Dedev 1. What does the transition look like post collapse? 2. When does growth cause extinction? 3. Where in your Jensen evidence does it say dedev is happening now? Heg Bad 1. Doesn't WW1 empirically deny multipolarity being a good thing? 2. What does the transition to multipolarity look like? 3. How does multipolarity solve a war with China?
  7. Word. Here's the 1NC. http://www.mediafire.com/?1sgana76q2xi760 Order is 5 off, China, Heg, econ, and prolif.
  8. Aight 1nc should be up soon. If you could go ahead and post the wmd impact we can just include it in the 1ac. I really dont care and itll be easier for the round.
  9. 6. Sorry this should've been more specific. Will China attack our satellites post-plan? If so, even if our satellites are fine, wouldn't this still be seen as a major act of aggression triggering war? If not why would they just give up this multibillion dollar operation?
  10. Also, do we have to bring the satellites down and relaunch them? Or do we send something up into space to harden them?
  11. 1. How exactly do you harden satellites? 2. Are asats the only thing threat to our satellites? 3. Who has ASATs right now? 4. Who is the agent of the plan? 5. When was the last time China did something to signal hostile aggression? 6. So if China attacks our satellites, but they're hardened and aren't damaged, what happens after that? 7. What's the impact to the 4th advantage?
  12. Sorry my quoting isn't working. I'm cool with Firewater too. 1. There are multiple attempts daily to attack ground stations, but a recent major one was Iran hijacking a US drone. 2. It's not like one cyber attack is going to kill the economy, but the fact that these stations are vulnerable now makes it a matter of time before we see the impacts. 3. GPS satellites use the ground stations our SSI evidence talks about. 4. WW2? 5. It's the intentional interference of a satellites antenna to prevent communications. 6. No. 7. We don't have secure airborne ISR. 8. Really fucking good. 9. We'll contend that a complete collapse of heg will never happen, but making it effective is what is key to deescalating conflict, spreading democracy, and solving the economy. That's Kagan.
  13. Here's the 1AC. We need judges. Should be a fun round. http://www.mediafire.com/?3lx6y55p9h2o206
  14. Yo anyone want to vdebate? I can go aff or neg on the space topic. Don't really care what the round is like. PM me if you're interested
  15. 2. No. We fiat that the if we win the judge votes aff, the plan is passed and the plan takes effect. You can still debate us on solvency that the plan won't work, but it's impossible to do that with the CP. 4. Yeah. I'll argue that politics scenarios aren't theoretically good for debate. 5.  Those independents if your link is true, would hate Obama after the plan is passed, but once they see its good effects will be pleased with obama and the plan's success.
  16. IDK why my quote isn't working. 1. How does condo gut your offense if I hafta answer offense before kicking stuff? You don't... 2. What is object fiat and how do I engage in it? Fiating of advantages or unfair use of fiat to solve something. Such as fiating NK won't attack SK. Or in this case, fiating that congress solves the economy. 3. If debt kills heg, how does reducing debt not solve heg? It doesn't solve cybersecurity or NCW... 4. How is the Perm on Politics even remotely close to legit? It's realistic. 5. If people hate space how is allowing a space policy to pass a win for Obama? When people see what a great job Obama's done with strengthening cybersecurity and saving us from Iran, congress will be like yay.
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