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  1. Sorry about the delay. Pain-meds and Zizek + fem don't mix well. http://www.mediafire.com/?4lcf951di3h2hgd This is all the block too.
  2. Hey Im friends with ron paul and his internet isnt working. He wanted me to tell you he'll havr c-x up tomorrow.
  3. 1. On the CP, how does establishing a joint security force with the private sector solving the aff when our 1AC evidence indicates private sector use is what is making us vulnerable now? 2. Explain your number 5 plank on the CP. 3. Status of the CP? 4. What exactly does negotiation do to solve interference problems? 5. Explain your number 3 plank. 6. How does the CP solve seabasing if our internal link is predicated off a military run network system which the CP doesn't have? 7. What kind of norms does the CP set for creating uniform standards? 8. How does the CP solve seabasing? 9. How does the CP solve countership technology that is also hindering naval heg? Iran 1. So is the thesis of this DA, that if Obama passes a network security policy that's for US defense, not offensive purposes, all of our soft power will be gone and we won't be able to effectively deter Iran? How does our affirmative trigger this at all? 2. How does funding the JPSS or increases for funding for ORS not non-unique this DA? 3. Where in your Karon evidence does it even mention diplomatic capital? 4. Your Oberg evidence says "there is much about U.S. space policy and plans—particularly those pertaining to the possible deployment of weapons in space—that even our closest allies find objectionable". How do we link if we aren't deploying weapons? Econ 1. Can you explain your number 4 on econ? Heg 1. Can you give me one warrant to your Greenwald card? 2. So are you saying that out of the hundreds of policies pertaining to space development are going to do more to destroy US soft power than the affs usage of troops to help countries out in times of natural disaster, train allies in times of combat, and provide quick defense for allies in trouble? 3. What are the warrants to your Barnett card that NCW causes miscalc? 4. We've been using NCW since the beginning of the gulf war. Why haven't we seen this turn? Solvency 1. Your NSTAC evidence says "interference presents a significant and growing operational risk to commercial satellite networks and their use" while it goes on to say "however, direct Government financial support could be used to enhance commercial systems for Government use." How don't I solve for this? 2. On your Denmark card, what does the squo do to solve for these issues? 3. Your NSTAC card says there's a risk of shortfalls, what is the brightline for how much money we need to spend on satellites before we see a tradeoff? 4. What does the turn matter if commercial satellites risk destruction rather you vote aff or neg? 5. How does future commercial satellite shortages outweigh the destroy of uploaded Military SATCOM that our economy is relying on now? Also if you can give me an exact word count I'll stick to that, otherwise I'm just sticking to the 2500.1500 wc.
  4. Yeah Warturtle just messaged me the other day, it's still on he's just caught up with a lot of work. I'm fine with you judging.
  5. 1. How does debate differ from any other high school class if we can simply talk about whatever we want to? 2. Why is it impossible to talk about feminism in the context of my framework? 3. How would there ever be true educational discourse if clash is eliminated by having virtually zero common ground? 4. Your Dillon evidence is talking about fighting security. How does this relate to the aff? 5. How is it possible to know what is a true feminine and true masculine identity? 6. How do we gain any new education if under your interpretation debaters will literally run the same argument every year? 7. What is patriarchal about Zizek's psychoanalytic viewpoint? 8. You say a lot I'm a form of masculine revolution that furthers the state, but what warrant do you have as to why? 9. How does the perm-do-both solve when my alternative calls for a state of self-censorship while your aff is premised off using discourse to fight oppression? 10. Will your speech act solve oppression when the judge votes aff? 11. How does the alternative exclude your ideology in a different way than the plan excludes the alt? I just got my wisdom teeth out that's why there's the delay. I'm working on the block though.
  6. Your SSI 10 and Bonner 10 evidence is from almost 2 years ago. Why haven't we seen a major attack or threat on commercial stations or SATcoms yet? We're seeing attacks daily. Thousands of attacks are conducted against network systems, but most of them don't do enough damage or break into major areas. Anonymous shutting down major government sectors of government and Iran hijacking a drone are both good reasons why we should do the aff. Explain the link on the Economy Advantage please? Military Satcom is used as the basis for the World Monetary Markets, Billions of dollars a day the US uses in financial transactions, and transportation are all critical parts of the economy that are at major risk from cyber attacks. One attack has the potential to literally cause most of or all of those areas to be shut down. What is uplink jamming? The jamming of a satellites antenna to prevent messages from being forwarded out. The Harris and Burrows 9 evidence indicates that economic decline causes war. Why didn't we see major warfare during the economic recession in the past couple years? We're starting to see the impacts already. The evidence indicates Iran adventurism and an increase in protectionist societies. Also, I'll contend there's a difference between a normal economic recession like in 08 than a complete economic instant meltdown from a cyberattack. What is the exact correlation between NCW and Seabasing? The navy uses NCW for targeting mechanisms, locating hotspot areas of conflict, and GPS support for our squads that go inland to fight, all of which are key to effective military technique. The Groh 10 card says, "Many of the same problems that have plagued warfighters in the past exist today and will exist in the future: fog and friction, competing advances in technologies, the unpredictable nature of human behavior on the battlefield, and asymmetric warfare to name only a few." If these problems still exist, why is NCW a good option? NCW is the perfect option because it allows our troops to go in to areas with mobile squads and advanced technology to help them deal with these conflicts which is preferable to the immobile not as capable of dealing with asymmetric warfare as opposed to major conventional warfare or nuclear deterrence. The plan also makes our networks secure against other countries advancing tech that they use to weaken our current NCW doctrine. The plan text says including but not limited to. What other technology other than SBNN would be on DTN? Anything that is most effective and probable for deploying DTN. SBNNs are the most common method though. Where in the NSTAC evidence does it say anything about SBNN specifically on DTN systems? Placing military IP routers on our satellites and the way DTN functions are all described in the card.
  7. Here's the 1AC. Cross-x whenever. http://www.mediafire.com/view/?bt15p1u4awr89py
  8. See my debate against him for what a three day wait turns into...
  9. Hey sorry about the wait. I haven't been online all day. Here's your cross-x. 1. All of the voting issue evidence is why representing the state is a good thing. 2. Sure, but I claim fairness as an internal into real world change and education. 3. I'm saying that a policy-based world to solving the harms of the 1AC is preferable to the discursive stance of the 1AC. 4. McClean is an impact to why my education is good. 5. The march on Washington, protesting the war in Iraq. The anti-globalization movement in Seattle 1999. The Occupy movement is an example of free-speech being co-opted for getting too close. 6. Our first Zizek evidence explains how the liberal democratic order wants it's people to use freedom of speech to give them the notion that they are free in the sense of changing the bureaucracy. Your discourse though ignores the hegemonic ideology that is the root cause of your impacts, and allows capitalism to solve in a humanitarian way, preserving it's existence. This is especially true in your context as advocating patriarchy rejection as the highest ethical obligation. 7. My framework allows the neg to read a critical alternative, but the aff should have to stick to a policy option. 8. Chow is a solvency takeout, saying while your aff focuses on ending the systemic violence of the state, capitalism will still fuel biopolitical violence in an on going series of events. 9. Our alternative is that whoever prevents the best political strategy in the round is who the judge votes for. I don't have to win everyone outside this room will accept the alt, but in the context of this debate it's the best option. Also I'm fine with all the judges. It's cool to have a big panel. 2NC should be up tonight or tomorrow. I'm just going to post the block all at once.
  10. Word. Here's the 1NC. Order is 2 off. http://www.mediafire.com/?if5il8vnp1r354q
  11. 1. Do you defend fiat? 2. What is the difference between feminist and masculine discourse? 3. Can you explain your first Buckman card? 4. If discourse of feminism isn't understandable, what does your aff do to change the status quo? 5. What is the root cause of feminism? 6. Why does the status quo speak of women in a masculine sense? 7. Is feminist discourse objective? 8. How does your advocacy destroy the phallogocentric order? 9. How does fulfilling Tam as a feminist fulfill any part of the resolution? Or do you not claim to do that.
  12. It seems you guys could use a third judge. I can if it's cool. I'm basically tab. I don't like really crazy shit like reading new plans in the 1ar, but other than that I'll vote on most arguments. I'm read in marxist, nietzshe, psychoanalysis and IR for Ks. If you have any specific questions just ask.
  13. Sorry about the delay, I haven't been home all weekend. 1. DTN allows satellites to send information directly to other satellites with space=based network nodes, eliminating the need for ground based stations which are one of the most vulnerable areas. 2. The intentional interference by states to block transmissions in order to prevent messages getting out, usually targeting the antenna. 3. Our NSTAC evidence does a pretty good job explaining it. The addition of an on board route processing engine, increased redundancy, and their ability to regenerate after an attack. 4. That is a quote from another excerpt. The rest of the quote wasn't included. I'm not omitting anything from the Tucker evidence. 5. We are seeing these attacks every day. Anonymous hacking major government networks, Iran hijacking a satellite are all reasons we need cybersecurity. It's only a matter of time before they hack into a major network and cause serious damage to the economy. Anyone. China has developed a cyber war program, so has Iran, and especially non-state terrorist organizations. 6. Warfare that focuses on using computers and GPS for targetting abilities, UAV, etc. 7. Seabasing is a military strategy that uses naval warships to be positioned off coasts of hotspot areas which deploy rapid response units who go in mainland to deescalate conflict. 8. DTN has more effective information gathering capabilities that is necessary to provide data on conflict zones and allows completely stable communication to our soldiers even in hostile environmental areas. The squo does nothing to solve for either of those. Also see my answers to number 3. 9. Space based network nodes are the hardware we deploy DTN with on our satellites. See my answers on why DTN is good. 10. The warrants as to why it's bad, such as even deeper alliance systems that heg and use of war to solve conflict, plus 300 years of empirics prove it's bad. 11. Our Barno 11 evidence is indicative of how seabasing specifically solves war, by maintaining quick access to conflict zones, we can send in small units that are capable of dealing with asymmetric problems and deescalating them. Also, this ability lets other countries model off our military through training and aid, increasing the amount of allies which would lead to war. On the Kagan card, spreading democracy allows us to have more allies and also model US norms, and even though there will still be conflict in a unipolar world, that conflict is limited as opposed to a multipolar world, where we'd have autocratic nations rising up against democracy and there would be a much more protectionist world system that would inevitabley lead to more conflict. 12. Those are asymmetric wars that our aff claims to solve for. See above that even if SOME conflict is inevitable, heg is the only way to keep it from escalating to power wars. 13. It means our current military doctrine is ineffective which weakens heg.
  14. Yo here's the 1AC. Judges whenever. http://www.mediafire.com/?bt15p1u4awr89py
  15. Apologies for the wait. Here's the 2NR. http://www.mediafire.com/?mh9z3m69o54xeyc Order is the CP, framework, politics, and case. Damn good round Belton policy dude.
  16. 1AR. http://www.mediafire.com/?yty9c65w97aqasc Order is T, Heg, econ, Heidegger, and Lacan. Word count is 1496.
  17. Yeah Ozzy was a lab leader at my camp. He's a cool dude. 2NR should be up today. It's been spring break, and well, you know...
  18. 1. What we're saying is the two ways you look at Natives eventually lead to their true identity. One form allows them to grow accustomed to our normative western values that allows to expand global capitalism to their realm as well. The other form insists on this eurocentric standpoint that lives and tolerates with the natives as long as they don't exert their culture to a pure state. What happens is they get caught in a dual process of colonization and violent extermination. 5. Through framework yes, but the argument I'm making is all your impacts are rooted in capital which dooms them to replicate themselves, and that since capital won't being solved you won't be able to solve your impacts making them inevitable. Also our ethical obligation outweighs all those consequences together,.
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