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  1. All right cross-x 1. If we prove that we increase participation, isn't that defending an increase? 2. How exactly is the plan extra topical? 3. Can you explain the Norm K? 4. In your Gates evidence, it talks about how using "nuclear wars" (oh god I said it, now there's going to be a nuclear holocaust) causes nuclear wars, isn't this a contradiction in itself? 5. In McWhorter, he says doing nothing is key, will doing nothing solve our advantages? 6. In Hobbes, it says "half to four-fifths of Food Stamp dollars aren’t even spent on food." What do people use these food stamps for then? 7. Where does it say in Lewis that a better economy causes extinction? 8. Before Lewis gives his timeframe, he says, "My guess is". What is the value of one man's guess that everything he is talking about will happen in timeframe given? 9. Even if the impact of agroterrorism is minuscule, why not vote aff to help these people? 10. Are you saying there's no negative impact to "starving" children? 11. Your Rector card in 2003 says that there's no impact in malnutrition. In your Lewis card, it says that the economy is getting worse. Couldn't in that time frame of seven years of economic decline could malnutrition worsen?
  2. yay, managed to get cx in before school! 1. Main cause of decrease in participation of snap is because of quality control system, eliminating QC eliminates cause, more ppl will join, thus an increase in participation. 2. To give people who can't afford food the right to live. 3. What the singer card is saying, is that in a situation like ours, we have the ability to help these people who are dying of malnutrition, yet chose not to. The contrast is if say a natural disaster occurred, it would be much more difficult to give aid. I think that's what you're asking. 4 & 5. No terminal impact Impact is economic collapse, and people starve. 6. Cross apply the Dowding card, major business's are crowding out small farms already, Rosset says small farms key to biodiversity, thus major business hurting biodiversity by hurting the farms. 7. Once again, impact is children can't eat. 8. Nuclear war between two countries on a minor scale that in an attempt to preemptively destroy the rival countries arsenal. 9. The card says food insecurity has psychological link to obesity, solve for food insecurity, solve obesity. 10. Pretty much, what the card is saying is that the massive centralized farm industry is bad because of the area that those corporations have to cover, and that we should return to small farms because the complex industrial cycle we use now cannot uphold the size of responsibility it has.
  3. my fault, here's it again, this should work, if shree wants to continue or if anyone wants to take his place feel free. http://docs.google.com/View?id=dgjj7gvd_56g5jpv6df
  4. yeah, you're cool with me too. Here's the 1AC I'll try to get to Cross-x after school, it's my last day =) http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0ARyND2oHWFUeZGdqajdndmRfNTZnNWpwdjZkZg&hl=en
  5. yeah, same here, I'd rather a judge who's just cool on whatever just as long as it's not Hadoken
  6. Rules are set, I'm aff, shree is anyone wants to judge, I'll go for a 3-5 judge limit
  7. I have another question on this. Pretty much, how is the DnG ego competitive with the Aff. Couldn't the aff just read perm; to the K then the plan?
  8. Thanks Ben. I'm not really thinking about running it next year. It's just kind of there for the one round where you have no evidence on their case lol cough cough (Thank you for smoking)
  9. CRusso


    Ummm, are there really three wipeout threads? cough cough
  10. I also can trade. Email me at Killernun@gmail.com.
  11. I have some sweet files too. Email me at Killernun@gmail.com to see if we can make a deal.
  12. Sorry this is late, but can I have a copy too? Killernun@gmail.com
  13. CRusso

    K Of T

    I'll take the shell to if it's cool with you. Killernun@gmail.com Appreciate it man.
  14. I'm trolling? I'm not the one who's been on this site for three years and still has a one block rep.
  15. Hey anon, I have a 30 page Japan Bad file for next year and a hundred page k framework file if you're interested.
  16. Don't know if this group is still available, but count me in if it is. I'll put as much work into it as I can and have been working on a big Security K as my main contribution.
  17. Looking for a fairly decent Security K, not on any of the camp files. Willing to trade a Kritik bad of Fw file for it, pm me if you have anything.
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