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  1. haha I'll try and help with that. Order is 3 off. http://www.mediafire.com/?2sc96t7gf8q67r8
  2. Plan 1. Ok, so what specifically are you removing? Iran 1. How do you access Ferguson 06? Backlash 1. So are all of your impact scenarios predicated off Afghan stability? 2. Afghanistan has been unstable at best for hundreds of years. Why are these warlords going to help their people now? 3. So the plan is basically putting militant, criminal tribes in charge of the local infrastructure? 1NC will be up after these are answered.
  3. You're fine. I can just as easily go neg. CX Plan 1. isn't all of your evidence that spec-ops are kicking ass indicative of a world in which COIN is present in Afghanistan? 2. Is the plan increasing SOFs in Afghanistan or leaving the current amount? Iran 1. How is the plan enough to solve for relations with Iran over energy? 2. Why would Iran economic collapse trigger global economic collapse? 3. How have the economic sanctions put on Iran not triggered your impacts? Backlash 1. Your Brooke 10 evidence says that there's instability all over Central Asia. How does the plan solve for all of this? 2. Simple question but I don't see a warrant highlighted, why is COIN so bad? 3. Is COIN bad in itself or are the activities performed by COIN bad? 4. So just to get this straight, once we leave, a government who has been corrupt for centuries and participates in the largest opium operation in the world will just start loving families? 5. Your Naimen 10 evidence just says that withdrawal would put pressure on the main government. Where does it say anything about adopting to be more friendly towards local governments? 6. There was terrorism before we were there, ie 9/11. How does the aff solve for incidents such as this? 7. How do Indo-Pak relations solve any DA to withdrawal? 8. Are you leaving all of CT? 9. Where;s your evidence that withdrawal would solve for all of terrorism?
  4. Looking for a copy of either one of these. PM me. Lots to trade.
  5. Last I heard we were still awaiting an invitation from Carthage, so it's still up in the air. If Central does go Myself and yet unknown partner will be running PMCs Afghanistan.
  6. So I'm pretty sure everyones going to Jeff City, but anyone going here? Disclose? Central will be there. I'm not sure what teams are going but SOKO and PMCs will be the two main affs.
  7. I'm not going to a tournament this weekend so I'm down.
  8. well would you still be advocating that the USfg passes the plan and use fiat or would it be an in round advocacy because of the reps framework?
  9. CRusso

    Politics Disads

    I'm pretty sure people are meaning to say the internal link story. Otherwise it's the same old political capital scenario.,
  10. badass. And thanks nathan debate that was really helpful.
  11. I'm thinking about running a security aff on how PMCs privatizing security and that creates international security politics which leads to holocaust. My question is as any aff basically if you were to run a security discourse advantage, could the neg just link turn you because you're acting through the state? Thoughts, opinions, etc?
  12. Make sure the cp doesn't link to the net benefit.
  13. Damn I just read the aff. That's amazing what you guys are doing and the story about losing all the rounds but getting perfect speaks is badass. Oh and fuck the troll above.
  14. The same goes for me. I don't have any friendz at school so I'll have the time to do work.
  15. I'll judge if it's cool with you. I'll vote how you tell me too, anything specific just ask. I'll probably vote on most of the stuff that's been discussed in this thread.
  16. I love how there are 4 pages in this thread and the round hasn't even started.
  17. This. Also if you put simple words like "a" and "the" in between each word you will get progressively faster. I think there was a thread on this a while back.
  18. CRusso

    Buddha CP?

    I have an entire file on this. PM me if you're interested.
  19. Looking for an Agamben or Stavrakakis k. Lots to trade, pm me or email me at killernun@gmail.com
  20. what is death of the author though?
  21. I've hear a really good strategy against a lot of K affs is to pic out of certain parts of it. How would this work though and what would be an example?
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