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  1. Does this mean real Japan or is it Comfort Women(note this is not an excuse for me to talk shit but just clarification)/
  2. CRusso


    What would a framework argument for the neg look like this arg? Would it be a traditional interp, standards, etc, or would it be a lot more critical?
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/?5xfd2zragoyd98a done. Order is theory, PIC, Framework, K, case.
  4. PMCs. Awesome links to cap bad and security.
  5. I run this aff and would be interested in giving an rfd if it's ok with the debaters and the judge?
  6. WC is 1537. Order is theory, and the PIC. http://www.mediafire.com/?sw0ruhuws68aa99
  7. All right sounds good. Low chance it will be up tonight, more than likely late tomorrow morning.
  8. All right, here's the 2N. Order is the K, case. http://www.mediafire.com/?3o7t47gckvv0k0m
  9. There's one in the UTNIF dropbox. There's a thread in the evidence trading forum for that.
  10. CRusso


    OK, so is this where Bataille's criticism of international relations come into effect, ie The aff focuses on the benefits of hege but ignores the benefits we the debaters have?
  11. CRusso


    so does the K operate through fiat and just say even if we die it's better than living a shitty life, but their way of life ends in extinction anyway?
  12. I'm pretty sure Japan and SOKO will both be there however. Looking foward to seeing everyone there! Chris and I will most likely be breaking new in out rounds.
  13. CRusso


    I am interested in running this K, but want to read some of the lit first. What readings are recommended for a good understanding of Bataille?
  14. See, it's chill. ok Cross-x. Just one question, you make a lot of args that say confusing language can't convince people of our philosophy, cedes to the right, etc. What is the brightline for what is confusing language and what is not?
  15. No. Brittany and John will be reading a DnG aff and Sieggy and Kelsey are reading Kuwait.
  16. Springfield Central will be there for sure. There's a lot of partner drama going on but I will be there with probably Chris Williams and we will be running PMCs. Any disclosure from Marquette? Other teams will most likely be Sieggy/Kelsey Brittany/John Rabbitt/??
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