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  1. Also how are we supposed to maintain heg in a world where we dedevelop? And is the alt to the K a question of ontology? Or what exactly does it do?
  2. Cross-X 1. What ground do you lose from me saying including but not limited to? 2. What is sisyphus? 3. Is violence inevitable in the world of the alt? 4. How does imagining sisyphus solve the aff? 5. Wouldn't we be dead a long time ago if Camus's philosophy was endorsed? 6. Why would Obama be a good actor to implement a military system? 7. How are XOs good for debate if none of your evidence even talks about the aff? 8. How can the planks be solved on the 2nd cp if we don't have stable networking abilities> 9. What does the cp do to get China on board who produces more emissions than we do? 10. Status of CPs k? 11. Why is the billions we spend on Afghanistan not perceived by congress but my aff is?
  3. Solvency What is a "network node?" It's the hardware that would be deployed on satellites to implement DTN. The 50th space wing of the US Air Force operates the GPS sat(s) your internal link card (the 3rd one) talks about, but the DOD is only increasing DTN on "its" satellites according to your plan text, yes? It's all US satellites. I dont account for private sector. Why is space key? Do any of your cards suggest that it is? The first SSI 10 card says ground stations are insecure now, and NSTAC says placing nodes directly on our satellites is the most effective way to solve that. Economy Your SSI card isolates THE cause of vulnerability in satellites to be single central command stations, but since you don't create more and thus form more connecting beams, would they think you solve? When satellites send information to each other, it's sent to a command station which is vulnerable. DTN's connection beams allow satellites to send information without the ground station, so the security threat is removed. Your Harris and Burrows card says Iran will form "security arrangements with external powers" -- what current nuclear state will give them access considering the NPT? Countries won't just give nuclear bombs to another country, but they can be protected by major powers while developing their weapons, such as North Korea and CHina. Why does the economy *check* war; what are the "economic outlets" the "angry," "disenfranchised," and "self-radicalized" would use in other instances which would apparently completely quell their dissatisfaction? A lot of the Middle East's economy is tied with our. Unemployment is a major factor in terrorist recruiting, and a strong economy means more people will have jobs than are excluded from society. Do the economic status of the US and our hegemony interact at all? Yes. Sea-basing How does it cause diplomacy? Rapid deployment features allows us to send units to help with relief missions for natural disasters or maintain peace presence, both which would give us better soft power in those countries. Heg High/low now? High but ineffective. What the the "geographic hotspots" the tag of Barno speaks of? East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, anywhere conflict emerges seabasing can decrease escalation. Warming Hague says the world looks to the US for leadership on global issues like the environment… why? "because it has the economic clout and diplomatic leverage to shift the global debate" This is your only extinction scenario, correct?- I'll contend the war and terrorism from Kagan and Harris and Burrows will cause inevitably cause extinction. If you want to argue it won't that's cool. Once again sorry about the delay. End of high schools badass
  4. Yo sorry I havent been on in a few days. School just finished so there's been a lot going on. 2600 wc is fine. I'll have cross-x up in about an hour.
  5. Uhhhh could you cut down that 1AR? It's at 2800 words which is longer than a constructive...
  6. Does conditionality mean that you can concede a flow that has nothing but offense run against it? It means I can concede an advocacy if it has offense on it or not. There's nothing in this round that says the neg can't run multiple worlds. If I kick the CP or K, you can't get offense because the squo isn't doing the cp. How is my delay permutation functionally different from "perm do both", and how is it intrinsic It allows you to spike out of my net benefits by changing the timeframe of the aff, avoiding my uniqueness arguments. As a question of sequencing, does ontology come before utilitarian cost-benefit-analysis? Or is ontology an impact that is weighed alongside others? It comes before but that argument wasn't in the 2AC.
  7. Sorry for the wait. Here's the block. http://www.mediafire.com/?sgsfabtztahysuq Order is Spending, RPS CP, Burke, Heg, warming, and China.
  8. OK 2NC should be up tomorrow. I'm just going to post the block in one speech.
  9. RPS 1. What's the warrant to why mitigation strategies fail without NASA? 2. How does mandating corporations use renewable energy resources link to spending? 3. Can you give me a specific outline of how the USfg will solve your Werz evidence post-aff? Burke 1. Isn't trying to control the outcome of what happens to the refugee through policy action an example of ontological certainty? 2. How do you solve those irrational forms of conflict? 3. Can you explain how your second Dillon 98 evidence explains the argument you make on the perm? 4. Are my performative contradictions a reason to vote aff? 5. How does going condo not solve all your Burke contradiction arguments?
  10. Aight cool. Here's the 1NC. http://www.mediafire.com/?j0949bj7ky4uxjn Btw I'm doing the same thing and using this debate to avoid IB studying lol
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