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  1. oh cool i never thought of it that way
  2. Yeah i hit this a while ago and they ran it with a stigma da
  3. TeamChill


    This sounds like a good idea but i doubt it would get KSHSAA support
  4. This was my seccond choice
  5. Best all around team (champ and open styles)- Raghuveer/Halter Best Champ team- Bonnet/Scherich or Raghuveer/Halter Best Open (good in front of lays) team- BV team(i can't remember their names) Best Squad- SME Best Affirmative Team- ? Best Negative Team- ? Prettiest Speaker- Empson Fastest Debater- Scherich Most likely to do well next year in high school- Nicoles Person most likely to graduate and judge- ? Best Judge- This chick who judged us four times Coach of the year- Best K debater- ? Best Politics Debater- tie between 3 ppl Most likely to be NDT champion- Drew Bonnet Best dolly: Forklift Best pizza to eat during the tournament: Domino's Best place to eat after the tournament: China Star Best debater at socializing with other squads: Waldman lol Best bathrooms to change back to street clothes in:Tonganaxie Best transportation to the tournament: vans Best storage for evidence: Blue tubs Best evidence: NAUAA Best argument: Cap K Best excuse for losing a round: We're not inherent/judge intervention Best pen:g2 Best medium for flowing: blue flow paper Best tournament for having a place for debaters to hang out between rounds: BVN
  6. TeamChill

    Next Year

    what does that mean?
  7. I think you are the best will. Congrats
  8. TeamChill

    Next Year

    In my opinion k's are necessary(although i very rarely run them) becaue there shouldn't be anything in debate that can go unchallenged. K's are a great way to call into question certain assumptions about the wrold and debate in general
  9. TeamChill

    Next Year

    haha this is the best quote ever
  10. Probably a heg fest with immigration, ptics, and some other random d/a's. As for K's, i'm not sure. This topic doesn't sound very interesting
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