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  1. Boredom

    using cross-x

    I have purchased a good amount of files from evazon. I haven't been on cross-x for a while and since the "update" i havent been able to figure out how to find my previously purchased files. Any hepl would be appreciated.
  2. Sorry Hanna, you can blame it on Tommy for losing
  3. 2NR http://www.mediafire.com/?472kgco7z4rzc12 ORDER IS GREGORIAN CALENDAR BEARS CP ASHTAR CP T CONDO "NEW SHEET" ARG
  4. 1nr http://www.mediafire.com/?zl5d7zooeswmo2o order is Gregorian Calendar Bears CP Case
  5. Are you forced to go for this in the 2NR? i mean i might...definitely not a position to run by itself Okay then can you explain the position? we take debate too seriously in the sense that it has been conformed to this strict style that erryone is accustomed to. The comments from my 2nr and your underdeveloped meme are good examples. we have to use guerilla tactics in public spaces to create a better world for ourselves, and we get pleasure from pissing people off. Why can't I advocate both styles of debate? have you seen ur 1ac? Same question, but replace "k" with "Your style of debate" I dont see how it does based on my previous answer How is that severing? and So do all perms can only have the plan action in them? a. you dont stick to your original plan b. no, but "perm do the alt" is still severance K cool, why is that bad? i made "standards" for a reason okay now what's your ACTUAL answer to my question? treat the tag as saying there is no fairness and education if our relationship with nature is mechanized 1nr will be posted tomorrow, im kinda tired..i have like 24 hrs right?
  6. New page Status? look down, if u have more questions to clarify ill be happy to answer them What exactly is the K arguing? Not a k, more or less a net benefit to my style of debate What is the link? ^^^ At the point where you continue on the "joking" 1NC as a serious reason to win the round (extending the consult cp, for example), how do you not bite your own k? not a K Consult/new page How exactly is the perm violating the unconditionality of the plan? you add on to your plan text? What is the abuse on the T? you materially qualify the resolution Framework At the point where fairness and ground a fluid in every round, how is it normative? normative as in run alot, not schlag What "alternative" are you talking about on FW? 13 moon calendar
  7. Hey, if people don't like this round they don't have to follow..
  8. No need to answer that 2nc http://www.mediafire.com/?9197cs2lc0uu626 Order is: -New page -ashtar -New page/this goes with ashtar so u can flow it on a new sheet or on the ashtar flow, what ever floats your boat -tropicality -condo -framework
  9. CX 1. Your Bostrum 02, indicates that "the potential for one hundred trillion potential human beings is lost for every second of postponement of colonization ". this ev is from 02..soo does that mean since then we haven't postponed colonization (NOT EVEN FOR 1 second)? 2. how is your malmstrom 03 ev responsive to gregorian calendar? 3. On ashtar, we cant we consult with ashtar whether we should override a test case before we do it?
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