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    I debate. Nuff said.
  1. jrose12

    KSC rtesults

    On the debate side, 1st: SME Carey/Hill 2nd: STA Bernard/Gress 3rd: BVW Birzer/Saiedian 3rd: SMW Lekie/Purohit
  2. No need for hostility. I actually wasn't responding to you specifically or the argument you all were discussing. I actually didn't even read what was going on.. I was just asking a side question to the situation as a whole. Sorry if my post came off the wrong way.
  3. jrose12

    2011 TOC

    Ditto. Could anyone who taped ANY rounds upload them to DebateVision/YouTube/Vimeo and post a link. +rep to whoever does!
  4. Does the fact that Jalon broke as 11th seed and placed in top 15 speakers change your opinions?
  5. I can judge if you need one. I'm open to anything, but will default policy maker unless told otherwise. I'd prefer a case/disad/CP debate with good impact calc, but I'm okay with the K too. Just explain the implication of the K and the world of the alt really well. Ask if you have Q's
  6. Does the TOC allow people to record debates? If so, can someone please record some rounds at the TOC
  7. I know one of the Blue Valley West debaters qualified to NFL and CFL with different partners. Last year I believe 3 Blue Valley boys had the same problem so they alternated with an Emporia debater whose partner was gone. That might be an option if they are planning on sending the 3 and would like to do that. You can probably contact them. Also, asking around you may find another debater with the same dilemma as you who is also looking for a partner. I think the KCKCC warm-up allows you to partner with a debater from a different school, but then again, that could be diffferent. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Here are all the CFL policy qualifiers from Kansas: Arkansas City --- McGuire/Traffas Blue Valley Southwest --- Arney/Marine Blue Valley West --- Birzer/Saiedian Blue Valley West --- Oatman/Richey Buhler --- Boor/Steffen Buhler --- Honeycutt/Janzen El Dorado --- Fowler/Provo Hutchinson --- Blake/Torrez Salina Central --- Lewis/Willey Salina Sacred Heart --- Bieberly/Hemmer Salina Sacred Heart --- Prendergast/Young Shawnee Mission East --- Carey/Hill Shawnee Mission East --- Kenney/Towster Silver Lake --- Brokaw/Halder Silver Lake --- Klucas/Schroeder Silver Lake --- Maryott/Oblander St. Thomas Aquinas --- Bernard/Gress
  9. Space already? I guess most people are done with 2010 topic anyways, so I can judge. I'm open to anything, but will default policy maker unless told otherwise. I'd prefer a case/disad/CP debate with good impact calc, but I'm okay with the K too. Just explain the implication of the K and the world of the alt really well.
  10. This came out of nowhere! Didn't St. James have 2 teams in go-rounds (or maybe 1 team in back-to-back go rounds) in NFL policy quals? I'm pretty sure one of them was soph-soph. Your school could really tear it up next year and beyond, I'm surprised of the decision. Aside from St. James, the withdrawal probably hurts other teams as well. A lot of Kansas teams' only shot at national appearence is NFL, and qualification depends on the number of entries. I believe 2 years ago in TTNFL, only 2 qualified because there weren't enough entries even though there were 4 or 5 great teams that could represent KS well. Obviously each coach is entitled to their own opionion, but I don't believe this is a good move. Though South-X makes a good point about traveling to other tournaments, its not like KS teams really have great traveling freedom to go to other big tournaments. Kansas, and three trails in general, has a lot of high calibar teams that deserve to go to national tournaments like NFL. This can only be achieved through membership/entry into the qualifier. I really hope your coach reconsiders the decision, but I still respect their opinion. EDIT: Care to elaborate on why NFL is a money making scheme?
  11. If I'm correct, I believe CFL does not have different congress divisions (House/Senate), so I will post all the CFL congress qualifiers under House.
  12. May have been during the hacking/selling/restoring of the website, nearly 2 weeks of posts were lost.. But thanks for the info.
  13. Plan plus means the CP encompasses the plan and something else. The permutation to do both, is essentially the CP. You could use your theory as a reason why the permutation is justified. You don't need to choose one or the other. You can defend reasons why plan-plus or consult CPs allow you to make such permutations... because otherwise, the neg could always just have a CP to do the plan and give a free ice cream cone as a net benifit that plan alone can't solve. Aside from the theoritical aspect, I mean you still need to defend why the perm doesn't link to the consult net benifit.
  14. I will add information as I hear it or as it is posted on the site. @STADB9, if the information is gathered, will Fantasy Nationals be in existance this summmer?
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