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  1. agh. alright thanks anyways

  2. Sorry...I got nothing...

  3. yeah ive found a couple but all the links are for last year's topic about poverty :(

  4. Is CX Binding? Explain your position. I'd say yes, because otherwise, what's the use of CX?
  5. Beastwick


    No. Bataille? The guy who wrote solar anus and story of the eye, to name a few, would hate you for it.
  6. I got speced out with 8 of the things, plus a Bataille pups of war K...or mayber it was Cerberus...i dont remember...all i remember is how pissed off i was...and surprised when we won... Regardless, I understand why they did it...and laugh, now that it's over...
  7. I'm looking through my backfiles...I dont do much Foucault...just find some premade files...rip those apart...

  8. Hey man I dont want to be annoying put my foucault assignment is due friday...do you have any files that you could send me with links? :/ im really sorry to be bothering you.

  9. You're an asshole dude... Whatd he offer? Ill get it too you.
  10. haha yeah my team is tough...I mean i've been debating for a couple of months and i understand what's going on but this is my first time actually trying to make files and finding links seems to be the hardest. Thanks a bunch man. I'm posting here because your PM is full. mypetpigsteve@gmail.com

  11. It depends on where you debate. I concede that K of T sucks a big one, but it's fun to call them a nazi while also calling them baby killers. It works with the lay rather well. If you know your ethics, nuanced K's aren't that bad. Moreover, most teams go for the win on util plus a DA. It works every time I've hit it. Last off, even giving them the DA's and case stuff, you weigh it right, indict the nuclear war stuff, or argue probability or future deaths and what not. You don't have to worry about case side. Moreover, you're so blatantly untopical, most DA's don't have a link. And who cares if they aren't bad, all that matters it you convince the judge they are. They lays eat it up. Seriously, how can you argue FOR shooting radioactive stuff at people. Regardless, we have a winning record with it.
  12. sir, i think you would appreciate the beauty behind it. Thank you. No Gracias True, though I'd love to judge that round to see how it was answered...
  13. Matrioshka brain Wipeout AFF: Moon key to keeping earths orbit steady. The entire planet explores...for like 3 seconds...
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