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  1. osaki2

    K Of T

    Agreed. If anyone would like to share their Freire/patriarchy files, PM me.
  2. currently working on (and will soon finish) a unilateralism k. pm me if you're interested.
  3. A K of unilateralism. Is there one? Anyone want to trade?
  4. Invite me as well pleaes. The other thread died. freakless@gmail.com
  5. JDI put out a camp AFF solving for animal rights/ethics but no NEG file. T's always an option. Does anyone have anything on this?
  6. freakless [at] gmail [dot] com
  7. Does anyone have the Supreme Court DA that said that the USSC can't solve for women's rights? If so, can you PM me please? Thank you.
  8. Is there a card floating around for this? If so, can someone send it or post it please? Thanks.
  9. Anyone have one to share? Thanks.
  10. osaki2

    Policy basics?

    Thanks for all of the answers guys. And sadly no, I'm not going to Northview. But I still have one question. Can someone explain the Fem IR K to me please?
  11. Can you explain this please? Also, has someone made it yet?
  12. Is there a link with just all the camp files on PD? I've been having to look through all their buyable files in order to find the camp ones.
  13. osaki2


    I'm currently looking for a good AFF to run. I don't quite understand the Korematsu AFF seeing as I've never heard of it. Can someone explain it to me? Also, message me if you have a Korematsu AFF/NEG please.
  14. What's Resolve DA? And haha, if the Gotham DA comes to light, please message me. I want to run it as that.
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