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  1. Anyone hit this case? I figured T would be a huge voting issue in the round (increase)(extra), but does anyone have a card that says not all drug offenders are living in poverty? What would be your strategy? PLAN: The USFG should repeal all mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent drug offenders while increasing long-term rehabilitation services as a compulsory treatment model, not a punishment model.
  2. Send me a pvt message with your email
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    New Hope

    Has anyone had to debate the NEW HOPE AFF? The U.S. federal government will substantially increase social services for persons living in poverty in order to enable their entry into the private workforce. These services will include comprehensive child care, health care, job training, and job placement, following the model of the New Hope program as demonstrated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have been having issues helping my students search for actual evidence against the case - I am a new coach.....so I don't know all of your tricks yet Zachary
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