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  1. This thread ends today, make any last minute additions to the list if you please I will place the top ten in each category up sometime after 12 AM. Polls will be open 'til December 31.
  2. So, 7 nominations for women thus far and only a few days left so please get 3 more nominees up for women please.
  3. Hey everybody, I would just like to remind everyone that nominations end in a month. We have more than enough people nominated for the male division but we need at least 6 more people nominated to the female division. If anyone knows anybody worth nominating please post their names. Former debaters are fair game as well just so all of you know.
  4. Sorry for the delay but here are the nominees so far. Men: Trevor Aufderheide (already qualified for both polls) Toby Jacob (2009 Nominee) Andrew Markoff (2009 Nominee) Anik Chaudhry (2009 Nominee) Rajesh Jegadeesh (2009 Nominee) Ben Chang (2009 Nominee) Kyle Deming (2009 Nominee) Jim Schultz (2009 Nominee) Kuntal Cholera (2009 Nominee) Donald Grasse Joe Leduc Justin R. Rumps II Will Thibeau Mark Trouville Phil Salier Sean Robinson Nick Khatri John Hazinski Teddy K John Zhao Matthew Wittrock Matt Sessions Neal Richardson Daniel Meyerowitz Dustin Meyers-Levy Leon Wang Layne Kirshon Ben Levy Joe Krakoff Mario Feola Evan Sweet Ira Slomski-Pritz Mustafa Inamullah Brian Box John Baker Craig Smyser Alex Werner Max Hayslip Raju Rebbapragada Ellis Allen Sean Ghods Chunkry Swagger Female Kiersten Stratchan (2009 Nominee) Becca Rothfeld Laura River Taylor Swift Clearly from this list we need more nominees on the female side. I remember last year there were a few people that were mad that there was a lack of females so please keep nominating. Thank you. Also if I missed someone on this list please tell me.
  5. You guys do realize that I cannot add people to the nomination list without a name. Right?
  6. Congrats to Trevor for winning, he will automatically be placed in next years poll. And congrats to all the other nominees they will all be nominated again for next years poll and have a chance of being placed in again. Nomination thread for next years poll: http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?p=1774734#post1774734
  7. Since the 2009-2010 poll was on such short notice we did not end up with a huge number of nominations and we only ended up with one female nominee. For 2010-2011 I am reforming the poll. Nominations will run until August 31, 2010. On that night I will look over the nominees and choose the people of the nominees that will be in the poll. The polls will open on September 1, 2010 and close December 31, 2010. Along with that there will be three categories for entries this year instead of just one: Sexiest Debater in the Country Consists of 5 males and 5 females [*]Sexiest Male Debater in the Country Consists of 10 males [*]Sexiest Female Debater in the Country Consists of 10 females On a final note congratulations to the winner of the 2009-2010 poll, Trevor Aufderheide who one after a close competition with Kyle Deming. Trevor will automatically be entered in the 2010-2011 poll for Sexiest Debater in the Country along with the Sexiest Male Debater in the Country Poll. Also congratulations to all of the other 9 nominees who will automatically be nominated for next years poll and will have a chance to be placed in the poll. So thank you all for your nominations and go make some nominations. If you have any questions just ask.
  8. Runoff poll because there was a tie: http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=996347
  9. Because there was a tie in the poll there will be a runoff poll and whoever wins this will be declared the sexiest debater in the country. The two people are Trevor Aufderheide and Kyle Deming. This will only be open for 24 hours and then the decision will be made. Good Luck to Both.
  10. Just a reminder to vote today. We are in the last three hours of the poll and looking at the results it is still pretty much anyone's game. The top three people right now are: 1.) Kyle Deming - 26 Votes 2.) Trevor Aufderheide - 25 Votes 3.) Anik Chaudhry - 24 Votes Also, on another note, I intend to do this poll again next year but much differently. What I will do is upon closing this poll I will open up a new thread for next year that will accept nominees until August 31. Then on September 1 three polls will open: - Sexiest Debater (Top 5 Guys and Top 5 Girls) - Sexiest Debater (Top 10 Guys only) - Sexiest Debater (Top 10 Girls only) These polls will all close December 31. The advantages to the longer period of time is that there is more time for nominees and more nominees overall. Additionally I would like to announce the prizes for winning. The winner will automatically be in next years polls. Along with that everyone who was nominated will automatically be nominated to be in the poll. Good luck to everyone and thanks for your participation!
  11. fix the poll for rajesh- he's clearly sexiest

  12. I'm all willing to replace the bottom 3 people with 3 girls but I don't know how to, when I press edit it wont allow me to edit the poll.
  13. Here is the final poll based on your nominations.
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