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    What K's are going to be big next year?
  2. On this topic you really only need 2 generic disads to win debates A well-blocked primacy/deterrence disad and a politics disad If an aff has big advantages, deterrence will outweigh it. There's a reason why great power war stopped after the US rose to power. Sure, there may be squabbles here and there, but there's no Napoleonic wars that ravaged the 19th century nor the world wars that exterminated tremendous portions of the population. No stalin, no mao, they all fell. People like to hate on us, but the fact is someone's gotta be the cop. seriously this outweighs all there advantages. Even if the US is a hegemon, we can't maintain credibility without exerting our power. Politics will be for any small affs that don't like link to deterrence, since the aff is small, it'll probs outweigh their advantages
  3. All you have do to is go for the perms
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    what's a troll?
  5. Get good at policy first, then run K's.Whats the point if you don't know the basics?
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    I know the basics of a perm, but i really don't understand how to answer them, or win on them.
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