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  1. Octos: carrollton sd (aff) vs westminster pp carrollton uv and greenhill rb centennial mk and pace ks (neg) gbn DM (aff) and st marks jk gbn sk and saint ignatius pc new trier rm (aff) and bcc nm pace es (aff) vs new trier ca river hill hd and bronx science bk
  2. Is the first one you listed last or first? That is to say, is Bryant Yang number 1 or 6, and is Pablo 6 or 14?
  3. What's the panel?
  4. As per the NDCA wiki, Lexington broke a new Iraq aff. http://wiki.debatecoaches.org/2011+TOC+%E2%80%94+Lexington+EV#x1AC%20%E2%80%93%20Iraqi%20Special%20Ops%20-%20TOC%20Semis
  5. Even if you spend 4 mins in the 1ac defending the Xtra-T portion of the aff, it's still fundamentally illegitimate. The only argument someone has to make is the one made above about what is justifies. Also, Damien doesnt have an Xtra T aff, it just has a smaller aff that doesnt withdraw things that link to specific disads/pics.
  6. GBN Pappas and Parker GBN Hirshman and Hochberg GBS Hurwitz and Jacome Alternate: GBS Henderson and Saltzman
  7. GBS HW, GBS ST, ICW DH, and Dexter advanced
  8. NBennett


    I have the 2nc from the semis round of Westminster v. Beacon on audio, and might be able to get more. You can PM me if you want it.
  9. NBennett


    One of our coaches recorded the audio to semis on his iphone. I can try to see if I can post it or something.
  10. St. Mark's vs. Damien Heidt, Jenny Bricker, Brett Voss, Jon Westminster vs. Carrollton Manuel, Brian Metz, Jeff Forslund, Eric Greenhill vs. Gulliver Prep Sanchez, Sara Mahoney, Tim Voldman, Max Oak Park River Forest vs Jesuit College Prep Arnett, Dave Sedelmyer, Chris Randall, Dana
  11. Westminster (aff) d. Stratford (neg)-3-0
  12. Correct me if I am wrong but I think the bids went to GDS KL GBS BB-ghost GBS SV GBS HJ GBN BP GBN ML Kinkaid Dr Jesuit GM H-F Gs Sems: Kinkaid Dr. d. GBN BP, GDS KL d. GBS SV. No final round was held-there were early flights people had to catch
  13. New Trier will be sending Gordon Kochman and Jack Manchester
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